Monday, September 26, 2005

San Diego Zoo, 22 5/7 weeks

We went down to San Diego for a conference, and on Mike's birthday, we went to the zoo! There were lots of interesting things to see, like a family reading books to a toddler pygmy chimpanzee, a snake swallowing a whole mouse, a polar bear swimming around, and a young siamang and baboon playing with each other. Too bad we had to leave the zoo early to go back to the conference, but we had a great time.

A pregnancy update: Nan's been showing more in the last few weeks, but she's still feeling pretty good. The next visit to the obstetrician will be next week Thursday, when Nan has her glucose tolerance test to look for gestational diabetes.

Nan at 22 5/7 with siamangs. Somewhere in the tangle of apes is a baby siamang that was playing with an orangutan. Posted by Picasa

A 17 month old pygmy chimpanzee reading a book. To tell the kid he was ready for the next page, he looked at the bottom right corner of the right page, and the kid would flip the page. He really liked a pop-up book with crabs in it.Posted by Picasa

Hippo crouching beneath the water's surface. You may know why Nan is interested in hippos especially with baby names under consideration. Posted by Picasa

Three zebras eating lunch Posted by Picasa

Foot massage after a long day. The metal plate under my feet vibrated really fast, and eventually I think there was some feedback inhibition of the nerves in my feet, because it really worked! My feet felt a lot better after the massage. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Prenatal visit, 20 weeks

Mike and I had a visit with our obstetrician today. We also had an ultrasound today to look at the baby's anatomy. Our baby boy looks healthy according to the ultrasound technician and the doctor.
In the last few days, I have started to feel lots of movement from the baby. He's especially active at night around the time I would like to get some sleep. Pregnany has been going ok so far. My energy level has increased quite a bit since I have finished my credential program in mid-August.

Check back for more updates later.