Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! My own administrative professional has been busy so that's why we've been out of touch the last few days.

This weekend, we went to my first baby shower. It was for a baby girl-to-be, a daughter for daddy's friend from school and his wife. There were lots of other kids there. I even met a little girl who was younger than me. She's a cutie.

Parallel parking
Lots of kids need lots of rides

Baby shower
Where's my present?

Who's that?
Who you looking at?

That night we went out with some of daddy's friends to Monterey Park for dinner. The restaurant was called Dragon Mark. It turns out that even though mommy and daddy are both Chinese, neither of them speak that language! So daddy's Chinese friend had to use her skills to order dinner. It was yummy!

After dinner the grownups were excited about going to a place for sandwiches. If these sandwiches are anything like the milk sandwich mommy makes for me, I can see why they're excited.

Mmm... Fresh Hot...
Aunty Jen and the sandwich truck

During the week, I've been up to the same old same old. Stroller class, going to work to prepare lessons for mommy's former students. Mommy keeps me busy, and I'm learning new songs and new games.

Karna Jean and me
Tonight Aunty Karna came to visit me from Boston. Aunty Karna is very tall. I hope that I get to be as tall as her when I grow up. In this picture, I am about at daddy's eye level.

Aunty Karna also keeps a blog. She just got back from India, and she had uku-plenty pictures.

Tomorrow we leave for daddy's home town--Honolulu! It will be my first flight and my first time out of Southern California. I hope it's as much fun as the airplane rides daddy gives me at home!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ice cream sandwich

This is an ice cream sandwich that mommy made. It's in the shape of a cow's head! It looks so yummy, but again, no treats for Owen.

First Baseball Game

My fingers are tasty
When is the B2 going to fly over?

Tonight I took mommy and daddy to my first baseball game! The Los Angeles Dodgers were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks. We got there early to get our tickets, and we even got to see the Diamondbacks take "batting practice." Maybe the Dodgers skipped their batting practice, because the Diamondbacks were ever so much better during the real game.

Dinner at the stadium
Dinner at the ballpark. Who needs a Dodger Dog? I packed my own food.

There were a lot of Korean fans at the game because Jae Seo, a Korean hero, was pitching for the Dodgers. He used to play for daddy's favorite team, but they traded him to the Dodgers for 2 pitchers. I thought that meant he would be good, but instead, he was very nice to the Diamondbacks. For his willingness to let them hit his pitches, he was taken out of the game by the 4th inning. Then a lot of his countrymen left. Of course a lot stayed to enjoy the rest of the Dodger loss.

Our countryman is pitching
Jae's countrymen

Jae is gone. We are gone.
Dodger Stadium

Since it was past my bedtime, I was really sleepy. But every time a Dodgers player did something good everyone would yell in my ear. It was really loud! Mommy and daddy said we had to go after the song in the 7th inning so that I could go to sleep. We didn't miss too much since the remainder of the game consisted of strikeouts by the Dodgers. Final score: Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers 4.

I wonder who my favorite team is going to be?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tummy time

Today I was minding my own business, chewing on my fist and looking at my quilt, when daddy came along and laid down next to me.

I think he was jealous because he started eating his hand too. Pretty soon though he left and I kept eating.

Daddy gave up too quickly. Mommy came and got me for snack time after I had eaten my hand for a good half an hour. If daddy had waited, I think he could have gotten some snacks too.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Baby Una!

Mommy and Baby Una; Aunty Rachel and me

This week I had lunch with my friend Baby Una. We'd met each other before in the childbirth class and in the breastfeeding class that our mommies took, but this was the first time we actually got to see each other. She is so big! This is the only time I ever get to call a girl "big" and not get in trouble, says daddy :)

Una is a great writer. She also takes very cool pictures. She puts these up on a blog too. She is so creative!


On the way home from lunch, I saw these horsies. They were at a gas station. Daddy says that maybe he will have to get me a horsie because driving a car is getting really expensive. I hope gas goes to $20 a gallon so that I can get that horsie!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hundred Day Old Beach Party!

On Sunday I took mommy and daddy to the beach to celebrate my 100th day birthday. At least, that was what I was celebrating. It turned out that they were just going to meet up with some friends from their childbirth class, Uncle Matt, Aunty Shelley and their daughter Yasmin.

Yasmin was born the day before I was, and they were our neighbors in the hospital. I don't remember meeting her, but daddy said that I talked with her at night while we were both hungry.

We went to the Santa Monica beach. Uncle Matt brought an umbrella to keep the sun off of us, and we had lunch and talked about our lives in the last 100 (or 101) days.

Me and daddy at the beach
Me and daddy at the beach

Keeping warm at the beach
Keeping warm in the shade

Yasmin and Uncle Matt
Me, daddy, mommy, Yasmin and Uncle Matt

Spam-ku: I won a haiku contest about Spam

While I know you, my dear reader, come to this site to read about my latest hijinks, I have to give a shout-out here for my Uncle Steven.

Uncle Steven is a filmmaker whose latest short film is called Spam-ku: I won a haiku contest about Spam. I thought it was really funny, although I don't know what this Spam substance is yet. I highly recommend it. If I could put my thumbs up, I would!

Spam-Ku is about five minutes long and it's at:

Check it out and support my family!

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Trip down to San Diego

On Saturday I took mommy and daddy down to San Diego. They wanted to go see some friends before we leave So Cal.

After meeting up with mommy's friends Michelle and Ravi, we went for lunch at daddy's favorite Mexican restaurant, Kotija Jr's. He always stops there when he's in San Diego. It was my first time, and I agree, the carnitas burrito that mommy had was yummy!

Next stop was the Flower Fields, which is some kind of flower farm in Carlsbad.

Flower fields
Rows of ranunculus

Flower fields
More ranunculus

Is this it?
I was underwhelmed

Michelle and mommy
Michelle and mommy

Grooming my hairs
Snack time and grooming time

In the evening we went to mommy's friends' house for dinner. Uncle Mark and Aunty Tina have triplet girls: Chloe, Emma and Isabella. They are much bigger than me. They are 4 years old. They're going to be like 6 feet tall when they grow up.

The girls helped give me a bath and showed me how to decorate Easter cookies. They also read me one of their favorite books, Blue Hat, Green Hat and my favorite book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. After reading this book, I was very hungry myself, as always. Mommy fed me and I went to sleep.

Uncle Mark is a great cook. He made roasted salmon with peppers and some kind of lemon dill aioli. I would have stayed up for this, but I was too tired after my big day.

Two triplets, Chris and Mark
Uncle Chris holding Bella and Chloe. Chloe is the one with wings. Emma was busy watching a movie. Uncle Mark is holding me. Apparently I was practicing my boxing at the time.

Uncle Mark is very tall
Uncle Mark is very tall

Sunday, April 16, 2006


This is my neighbor Sam, his big sister Zoe, and his daddy James. Sam and I were supposed to be born one day apart. Instead, I came three weeks early, while Sam was right on time.

Every time I've seen him before this, either I've been asleep or he's been asleep. Ah, the life of a baby. Anyway, this morning, he took his daddy to check out a garage sale, and we met them coming back.

Me, Zoe, and Sam
Me, Zoe, and Sam

Standing up
If you're a baby, please stand up!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Fourteen weeks

I am 14 weeks old today. I thought I would have gotten to 14 pounds by now, but no, I'm still only 13 pounds, 12 ounces today. That's just 2 ounces this past week. I guess I did have a big poop before mommy weighed me.

Whatever, I was eating too much anyway. I don't want to look like this when I grow up.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Growen up

Here's another example of how I'm growing. The first picture is from when I was 4 days old and the second picture is from today. It's the same onesie that mommy made with my vitals on it, only now it's a little tight!

Day of life 4 Filling out my onesie
It fits much better now, thank you

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Breezy Walk and Reading

This afternoon, Aunty Leng was over to do more baking. She made yummy oatmeal and cranberry cookies this time. When daddy came home, we had run out of sugar, so I took daddy to the market. It was kind of breezy outside, so daddy showed mommy that he could keep me warm.

Bundled up for a walk I feel a draft
I feel a draft around my feet though

After the cookies were done baking, Aunty Leng read me a story. It's from a Thai book about a lion and a mouse. Think you've heard it before? Actually, the story goes: the lion eats a bunch of animals and falls asleep. A mouse falls onto the lion's head. The lion lets the mouse go because he's too small to eat. Then the lion gets caught in a net, and the mouse frees the lion by biting through the rope. Maybe there's no thorns in Thailand.

Aunty Leng reading me a Thai book
Here I am, listening to the story

I got tired of the book
Is the story over yet? I'm getting sleepy.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hi there!

My good morning smile...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Birthday Party in the Park

This weekend I went to my first kid's birthday party. Daddy's friend from school has a baby boy who turned 2 years old this week. Unfortunately there weren't any other babies my age to play with since he's the first grandkid in his family, just like me!

JoNATHAN and me
Here is daddy's classmate and me. His name is Jonathan and his son's name is Nathan. Neat how that worked out, huh? Jo-nathan. I'm going to name my kids part of my name. Wen! Come over here!

Mommy and me
Mommy and me in the park

Nathan + pizza + bouncer
Here is Nathan's mommy feeding him pizza. There was a bouncer house at the party. I couldn't go on it yet, but I liked the colors. I stared at the colorful netting for a while. Nathan is going to have a new baby sister soon. I'm glad my mommy and daddy aren't making any competitors for me yet.

My bunnies

Vivian is wondering what's going on

Jeremy, getting ready for a good lick down

Vivian is enjoying the sunlight while Jeremy tries to figure out whether he can eat daddy's shoe

Anyone want to adopt my bunnies? We don't want to move them away from their home here in Cali, but if nobody wants them, I guess they're coming with us, wherever we're going...

Friday, April 07, 2006

Hippos and Tigers and Flamingos! Oh My!

Yesterday, I turned 3 months old! To celebrate, mommy and I went to the zoo. That is, our entire stroller class went to the zoo, and mommy and I came along.

Little dragon at the zoo
I was hoping to see some little dragons, like the one on my shirt

These were the closest we got to dragons. These were some smelly dragons.

Hippos! For some reason, I feel really close to these guys.

Kitty! Daddy told me that if this guy and a lion had babies, it would make a liger.

Mommy and me at the zoo
Mommy and me at the zoo

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Nighttime Routine

I am a very active sleeper.

I lie down for sleep
This is how mommy lays me down at night. Since I've grown, I sleep lengthwise in my bassinet now.

45 degrees later
A few hours later after laying down (on a different night), I wriggle my way into a new position

45 more degrees
A few hours later, I rotate again, and this time, bye bye blanket.

Time to wake up!
Is that a quarter turn? Then, ready or not, it's time to wake up!

This is how I sleep every night. Like clockwork.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Me and Mommy

I love my mommy. She feeds me lots of food, reads to me, plays with me, keeps me warm when it's cold, and gives me my favorite thing other than eating... baths! In return, I give her all the drool I can make in my mouth and all the smiles I can conjure up, especially when I've just woken up!

Rainy Days

Yesterday it was dark again, and I thought mommy and I were going to walk around the mall for our walking group. Instead, the group went outside for our stroll. It was very very nice. I got to see lots of doggies, and also there were very small doggies that mommy called "squirrels". They were so busy eating that they didn't want to play.


Santa Monica bluffs
Santa Monica bluffs

Then it started to sprinkle, and mommy put the top down so I didn't get to see any more. Plus I got hungry. It was a good thing the group ended because then I could have my lunch. We ate in the car. Mommy drove us home, but by the time we got there, I was hungry again.

Me telling mommy I'm hungry

After lunch, nap, more eating, bathtime, more eating, more eating, and then more eating, it was time for the basketball game. Good thing I fell asleep before it started. Florida blocked UCLA 's shots like how I block daddy's bottle-feeding attempts.