Sunday, February 28, 2010

Firefighter Birthday Party!

Ok, we continue to be behind the times with our posting. Let's catch up a little... On "Super Bowl" Sunday we went to a birthday party for Daddy's friend's nephew. It was a firefighter birthday party!

We got to go to a fire station with a lot of really nice firefighters. One of them even went to Daddy's high school...

Owen gearing up
I got to wear firefighter clothes

Nice ladder
Daddy's wondering when he's going to get to try them on

Pull out the hose
Then it was time for fighting fires!

Owen watering the plants
And watering the plants...

Aki watering the plants
Aki wanted mama to help her

Two bays
There's enough space for a pumper and a ladder truck!

After the fire station, we went back to my friend's house for cake.

I am ready for cake
I was ready.

Styling Fire Hat
Let me put on my fireman helmet before I eat the cake

Plotting our approach to this present
Sometimes you have to plan the best way to open presents

Going to the fire in our fire truck
We're going to the fire in our fire truck. It is a very wide front seat.

Aki is pleased
Aki was pleased.

All in all, it was a wonderful party. And I didn't miss any of the Super Bowl either! Thanks firefighters from Moanalua!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A little while ago we went to something called a carnival at Uncle JT's old school. Owen was really excited about it and said that he wanted to go to that school when he grows up. Daddy didn't like that idea so much, but Owen thought that was funny so of course he wouldn't change his mind.

Anyway, so here's what Owen looked like when we got to the carnival.

Owen slept through the whole affair
He slept through the whole thing!

Preparing to "ride" the merry-go-round
It's ok. I got to go on all the rides. That is, I went on this one and I didn't like it so this is the only ride we went on.

Aki scooping ducks at Carnival
This was more my speed

Aki with her loot (yellow ball and pink frog)
After all my hard work, this is what I got! Where are that yellow ball and the pink frog now anyway? Owen just woke up in this picture, so he's not seeing what he's going to look like in 10 years off to the side there...

Enjoying the teachers' band and Hawaiian food
We got to eat Hawaiian food and watch the teachers' band. Owen really enjoyed that one. I liked it too because I got to dance with daddy.

I had a lot of fun at the carnival. But we have to work on this "Punahou" thing of Owen's...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hanging around the House

Now that mommy and daddy both have "jobs", we've been spending more of our weekends at home, hanging out.

Here's one new thing we've been doing at home. Aki and I have tea parties.

Having a real tea party
Aki spilling the cream

Feeding the baby
Feeding Cailin. What is Cailin eating with the spoon? Maybe sugar? Maybe sriracha?

Our kind of tea party
Froggy sometimes keeps us company

We've also been having fun playing with the blocks that our cousins gave us.

Building my sculpture

Our skyscraper
Sometimes we make tall towers

Skyscraper falling down
But what goes up, must come down

Skyscraper falling down
Daddy, don't be sad!

We also are still having fun playing with our trains.

Overview of our train
Well, mommy made this one

Passing through London
First you pass through London

At grade crossing
Then stop at the crossing

Passing through New York
Then New York City

Home time is fun! We do still go out though. Next time I'll write about some going out things we've been doing.