Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Trip to the Sunshine State

Mommy, Ah Gong, Ah Mah, Uncle Nick, and I got to Florida on Saturday morning. Daddy had to stay in LA to "work" again. Too bad, because he missed out on a great trip and lots of yummy food.

I was asleep for most of the flight to Atlanta and the connecting flight to Fort Lauderdale. When I woke up again, I was surrounded by luggage!

Whoa, you expect me to carry all of these luggages?!!
Whoa, you expect me to carry all of these bags?!!

I found out later that Mommy just wanted me to keep an eye on them while she, Ah Gong, and Uncle Nick went to get the rental car. Where was Ah Mah during all of this? She was busy calling Great-uncle Willy to let him know that we were on our way.

Meeting Great-uncle Willy and Great-aunty Ann
Great-Uncle Willy and Great-Aunt Ann

After meeting up with Great-uncle Willy and Great-aunty Ann at their restaurant in Sunny Isles Beach, we went to the hotel to rest and clean up.

Mommy blowing up my hot tub
Mommy blowing up my hot tub.

Checking out my crib at the hotel
I had my own crib. Here I am eyeing the metal bars of my cage.

After I got all cleaned up, we went to meet Laow Mah (Great-grandma in Chinese) for dinner. She came all the way from Thailand for Aunty Lana's wedding and to meet me!

Laow Mah giving me a kiss
Laow Mah giving me a kiss

Something strange happened that night after dinner. There were lots of loud cracking noises coming from the sky that were followed by flashes of light. Mommy said it was a thunderstorm. It sounded pretty scary to me. Luckily we didn't get caught in the heavy rain for too long.

The next morning, we went back to Great-uncle Willy and Great-Aunty Ann's restaurant, which got transformed for the wedding. While Ah Mah helped to get traditional food ready for the couple, I hung out with Mommy, Uncle Nick, and Ah Gong. I was in a better mood that morning since I slept really well at the hotel thanks to Mommy snuggling me all night (I got scared in the big boy crib, and I didn't want to sleep in it so Mommy let me sleep in the big bed with her.)

Thinker man
Uncle Nick thinks I look like the "Thinker" in this picture. Thinking about eating, that is.

Mommy and me on the veranda
Mommy and me on the veranda. Thanks, Uncle Namphol and Aunty Vivian for the cool BabyGap outfit. Too bad I soiled it right after the picture was taken. Luckily, Mommy brought another outfit for me to change into.

Ice sculpture and wedding cake at Aunty Lana's wedding
Aunty Lana's friends made the ice sculpture and the cake. Uncle Nick was so impressed with the ice sculpture that he wants one when he gets married.

Aunty Lana, the bride, is Great-uncle Willy's oldest daughter. Uncle Tony is also Thai, so they had a Thai wedding followed by a Chinese tea ceremony.

Ah Mah blessing the happy couple
Here is Ah Mah blessing the happy couple by pouring water over their hands. Mommy and I didn't get to do this since I got hungry and mommy had to feed me.

The family at the wedding
Here's a family picture after the Thai ceremony. Behind Laow Mah and Aunty Lana is Uncle Yong, Aunty Lana's brother. The groom's father and older brother made the letters in the background - pretty cool, huh?

I know how to wai
I know how to "wai" - putting my hands together to greet or pray. Great-aunty Yi holding me while listening to the monk's blessings for the happy couple.

The tea ceremony
Aunty Lana and Uncle Tony presenting tea to the bride's parents

I fell asleep on Ah Gong
The ceremony and reception was so long, I got bored and fell asleep on Ah Gong

Aunty Lana and Uncle Tony
Aren't they cute?

After the wedding, we all went over to Aunty Lana and Uncle Tony's new house. Apparently, the elders needed me to "play" on the wedding bed to ensure that Aunty Lana and Uncle Tony's first born will be a boy.

Me blessing the wedding bed
Uncle Tony promised me a handsome reward if he does get a son. I'll be paid double for twins!

The next morning, we went to see Great-uncle Chai, Great-aunty Yi, and their daughter for breakfast before our flight back home. I got to play with Aunty Muntoa's toys.

Pikachu is so cool
Pikachu is so cool - it talks, moves, and lights up. Mommy, can you get me one?

I was on my best behavior during the flights back to LA. Mommy thinks I'm getting the hang of flying on the plane.

Playing with Ah Gong on the plane
Playing with Ah Gong on the plane back to LA.

Overall, I had a great weekend. Ah Mah, Ah Gong, and Uncle Nick all entertained me when I got bored. Ah Gong even sang some Thai songs to me and I laughed so much! I'm going to miss them when Daddy, Mommy, and I move to Boston in a few weeks.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Gone to Florida

This weekend, mommy and I (plus Ah Mah, Ah Gong and Uncle Nick) went to Florida for my aunty's wedding. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to warn you that I wouldn't be updating my blog. I didn't even realize what was happening until I woke up on the airplane on Friday night.

Anyway, I had a good time, and the wedding was a lot of fun. We stayed at a nice hotel, and I had a real big boy crib. I'll have more stories and pictures later. Now it's back to sunny California and daddy.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ah Mah

As you may have noticed, mommy and daddy call mommy's mother "Ah Mah." This is a Chinese way of saying grandma.

Because it's Chinese, "Ah Mah" is spoken tonally. There's something about the Mah that goes upwards. Something that daddy can't say.

Daddy calls her "Ah Ma" instead. Nobody corrected him on this until last week. "Ah Ma", it turns out, means "the dog" in Thai.

Ah Mah told mommy what daddy's been calling her, and said that I would start thinking of her as a dog if daddy doesn't cut it out. So instead of learning how to say "Ah Mah" with the right tones, daddy has taken to calling her "Kun Yaiy." This means mommy's mom in Thai. He can say this a lot better than "Ah Mah".

Lest you think that Ah Gong gets off easy on this one, Ah Mah calls him "Gong Gong." Normally this means Grandpa in Chinese, but the way she pronounces it, it means "Crazy."

Monday, May 22, 2006

A Week with Ah Mah

Ah Mah came to visit again!
Ah Mah's back again!

Since mommy had carpal tunnel surgery last Monday, Ah Mah stayed with us all week last week. Mommy's doing okay, thanks to everyone who sent well wishes.

Ah Mah was fun to have around. She let me play with a carrot.
Owen with carrot stick
What is this orange stick?

I let her feed me a bottle.
I was so happy, I took the bottle!
Me in a moment of weakness

But that didn't last long. Monday when Mommy was in surgery, I took a few bottles. Tuesday, I took one. Wednesday, I figured it out again, and didn't let Ah Mah feed me any more. I can't believe they thought I would fall for that!

This weekend I went down to Orange County to observe some more ancestor days. After Ah Gong helped me kow tow at the household shrine, we went downstairs and watched TV. I like the flashing lights!

Watching TV with Ah Gong
Ah Gong and me watching TV

Daddy doesn't like me watching TV. He put me in a rocking chair and turned its back to the screen.

My other chair
Trying to get out of my chair

That night, we went over to Uncle Steven and Aunty Jeanie's house. Steven's the one with the spam-ku film. Dinner was yummy, and I got to meet their cat, Kaya, who is very curious. I think she sniffed me while I was sleeping in the back room, and I woke up and scared her. She ran out of the room very quickly.

Jeanie and me
Aunty Jeanie and me

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My First Roll-over

I achieved a major milestone today. Grandma and mommy put me on the playmat this afternoon on my back. I wanted to touch the little bird behind the elephant's ear, so I reached over with my left hand and all of a sudden, I'm on my tummy. I couldn't figure out how to get my right arm out from under my body though... so mommy had to help me straighten it out. After a few minutes playing with the bird and the butterfly, I rolled back to my back. Mommy was so amazed at my accomplishment today. She tried to get me to do it again, but I didn't feel like it.

First roll over!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Past week's Festivities

Sorry, I haven't posted for awhile. Since I can't type yet, I had to wait for mommy and daddy to be free so I could tell them what to write.

On Thursday, mommy and I went hiking at Runyan Canyon with Una and her mommy. Afterwards, Una and I had a feast of breastmilk and hung out for awhile at her house.

Baby bouncer
She even let me borrow her bouncer seat. Thanks, Una!

On Friday, Uncle Nick graduated from USC and we all went to his ceremony. Too bad daddy couldn't come because he had to go to Boston and find a new place for us to live. He missed out on good dim sum!

Yay for Uncle Nick!

Ah Mah giving Uncle Nick a lei. Mommy crocheted the orange caterpillar looking lei for Uncle Nick. Gong Gong made the ti leaves lei for him from Hawaii!

I even got all dressed up in an Aloha shirt for the occasion.

Meeting Aunty Oakley for the first time at the dim sum restaurant for lunch. She keeps a cool blog too.

On Saturday, mommy and I spent the day lounging around at Ah Mah and Ah Gong's house. In the afternoon, we helped Aunty Cee with her science project on how to pop a cork from a soda bottle. That night, we went to Uncle Nicky's 21st birthday party at a Thai restaurant in Anaheim.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Nicky! Only 20 years and 8 months before I get to drink too!

Sunday was Mother's Day. I got a card and some flower seeds for mommy. Daddy helped me write the card for mommy. I don't know what he wrote, but it made mommy cry.

Mommy had her surgery for carpal tunnel on Monday. Since her right hand is all bandaged up, she can't hold me or change my diapers. So Ah Mah is here to stay with me for the week to take care of me. She's so nice - she reads me Thai stories, sings me Thai nursery rhymes, and even gave me a bottle of milk. And I took it without fussing! Thanks, Ah Mah!

In other news, I can laugh now if tickled really hard under my armpits. I'm also reaching for things to put into my mouth.

Maybe I'm teething
Mommy thinks I maybe teething since I'm also drooling a lot... so much that a bib is always part of my daily outfit.

I also love pulling on the links on my swing. I'm loving my swing. Mommy thinks I'll be a lefty since I often use my left hand to grab at things.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cough cough

Sorry I don't have any pictures today.

I have been feeling a little strange sensation in my nose and the back of my mouth. It's like something is stuck inside of my nose, and sometimes it tickles my throat. When I feel this, I have to cough. Cough cough. I wonder where I could have gotten this from?

Daddy's been putting water up my nose and then sucking it out with a green suction bulb. I don't like this, but I do feel better afterwards.

I also seem to have given this new feeling to mommy and daddy. They're complaining about something sore in their throats.

Don't worry about me though. It's all smiles and fun and games still when I'm awake. And I've been waking up every couple of hours at night these last few nights.

More pictures when I'm better...

Monday, May 08, 2006

My 4th birthday

This weekend was my fourth month birthday, so naturally, I had a party. Later I found out that it wasn't my party we had gone to. My cousin Ariel had invited me to celebrate her 7th birthday. It was at the O.C.B.C. (Orange County Badminton Club), which is part of mommy's relatives' business empire.

I'm in the OC (BC)
Mommy, daddy and me, in the OC (BC)

What is that?
What the heck is that?

It was a balloon show!
There were balloons everywhere!

The magician went into the balloon Then she disappeared!
The magician went into the balloon and then she disappeared!

Daddy, the birthday girl, Na Tim, and me
Daddy, the birthday girl, Na Tim, and me

I got to see a lot of the family. It was the first time that most of them had met me.

I also got a gift bag from Ariel. It had a baseball cap, sand bucket and shovel, Hot Wheels car, pinball game, and candy. Daddy says he's going to play with these until I get old enough to play with them myself.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

More Hawaii photos

Monday was May Day, or Lei Day in Hawaii. Since Grandpa likes to make leis, he made one for all of us and one for the neighbor's cat.

Serena the Cat wearing a lei
Serena couldn't walk right with the lei on.

Aunty Maria!
On May Day, I was taking mommy through the mall, and she saw someone from back in L.A. It was Uncle Steven's friend Maria. She was "working."

May Day is Lei Day
Then we went to Kapiolani Park to see the Lei Day festival. There was a lei contest, and all the leis were spectacular. These are some of the kids' entries. You should have seen the grown-ups' ones.

Shave Ice
It was a hot day so the adults had shave ice. Mommy said it was better than Waiola's.

On our trip we also saw a lot of friends and relatives. These are some of the ones I visited.

Aunty Misako and Uncle Kenneth
Aunty Misako and Uncle Kenneth. They're Uncle Steven's parents. Don't forget to check out his film!

Aunty Helen
Aunty Helen. She's daddy's cousin.

This is me and Aunty Lori, Uncle Reid's mom. I'd just woken up from a nap so I was grumpy. That's Uncle Reid in the corner.

She made me smile
Aunty Aki. She made me laugh.

May 5 was Boy's Day. Grandpa was so proud of me, he dug daddy's old carp out of the attic and put it out in the front yard. It is a big carp.

Boy's Day carp
The big carp

In front of grandma and grandpa's house
Me with the big carp. May 5 was also International No Pants Day. I'm not wearing any pants in this picture. Or am I?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Boy's Day!

My Boy's Day carp.

I'm back from Hawaii! Did you miss me? I'm going to go to sleep now because I'm tired, but we'll catch up soon, okay?

Monday, May 01, 2006

My First Flight

I'm still in Hawaii, but my daddy left for the mainland on Sunday. I made him stay up late to tell you how my trip has been so far!

My first flight
Here I am at the airplane place. I was trying to fly here, but daddy was holding me down. Later on the plane, I fell asleep and was knocked out until we started landing. Then something weird happened inside my head that I didn't like. I cried and it got better.

Grandma and Me at Big City Diner
The next morning we went out to breakfast with Uncle Daryl and Uncle Lester. We are at the Big City Diner in Kaimuki.

Aunty Daryl and Uncle Lester
Aunty Daryl and Uncle Lester. Everyone has eaten but me, and I'm hungry! Uncle Lester is helping me find my fist.

Daddy's Elephant
Back at home, daddy introduced me to one of his toys from when he was a baby. This is an elephant whose nose he used to chew on 29 years ago. It used be a white nose. I tried to eat it too, but daddy wouldn't share with me.

Breakfast at Zippy's
Sunday morning breakfast with Uncle Mino and Aunty Patsy. We went to Zippy's in Koko Marina. They have the best view of the boats in the harbor.

Pink Vest
On Sunday afternoon we went to my first wedding. Daddy got all dressed up. I'm not sure I like it.

Alison, Conner, Joel and Daddy
Here's the happy couple with their nephew. Again, I went to sleep so I don't remember much of what happened. But the food was good! And I liked the groomsman's toast! So sharp!