Sunday, July 30, 2006

Aunty Nut's Graduation

Yesterday, my Aunty Nut graduated from Kasetsart University in Thailand. We couldn't go to her graduation, but we wanted to wish her all the best now that she's done with school. Maybe she will get paid loads of money with her new job so she can come visit us! Here are some pictures of the graduation she sent us via e-mail.

Aunty Nut's Graduation
Yay for the graduate!

Group photo of Aunty Nut's Graduation
From left to right, Laow-Ko (Great-aunty), Laow-Ma (Great-grandma), Aunty Nut, Aunty Neui, Laow-Khim (Great-aunty), and Laow-Ku (Great-uncle). But where's Uncle Nahm? He must have been taking the picture.

Maybe one day Mommy and Daddy will let me go to Thailand to meet all the family.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

World's End and Nantasket Beach

On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy took me hiking for the first time in a long while. This time we went to a place called World's End. It's a couple of islands that are connected to the mainland by narrow strips of land. They are leftover from something called an Ice Age. I like ice.

World's End salt marsh
A tidal marsh

World's End neck
The place was very pretty. If you look closely, this is the strip of land between the first and second islands.

Daddy carried me around in a backpack. It's another consignment sale item.

My new ride
My new ride. I was overcome by emotion and had to take a nap to deal with it.

Along the way, I needed a break from all the walking we were doing. I liked sitting up in my backpack.

I needed a break!
Taking my break

After the hike, we ate lunch at a picnic table there. I had some sweet potatoes and carrots. Afterwards, mommy took me to top me off with some milk, but I was too interested in what was going on around me.

I might not want to eat, but I do want to smile
I might not want to eat, but I do want to smile.

And touch mommy's face

What is this flat green thing?
And play with the toys. What is this flat green thing?

After lunch, it got quite warm, so we decided to go to a beach nearby. Mommy thought it was funny that it was called Nantasket Beach. It took us a while to find parking since there were so many people wanting to cool off like us. Good thing Mommy packed all of our beach gear for us. Thanks for my swim trunks, grandma!

What you lookin' at?
What you lookin' at?

After we got settled in, Mommy took me down to the water. It's my first time in the ocean. Mommy and Daddy said it would be just like a bath. She sat me down at the edge of the water, but when the first wave came in, it was NOT like a bath at all. I didn't like the cold water!

I don't like the water
This is not "just like bathtime"!

Mommy thought I just needed more time to get used to the water. So we played a little game by the water.

I like the view better from up here
I like the view better from up here

Then she tried to dunk me into the water again! Thank goodness Daddy came to rescue me. We went back to the beach to dry off. But it got to be so bright and we didn't have a beach umbrella. So Daddy thought we would hide from the sun under the towel.

Under the towel
I like my shade

After a while, I got really tired and tried to go to sleep. But it wasn't very comfortable sitting on Daddy's lap. A lady sitting close by offered us her umbrella so I could have some shade. It was so nice of her. Mommy placed me down on the mat after Daddy and the lady arranged the umbrella over me. That was when I took a fistful of sand and put it in my mouth.

Yum... Sand is gritty!
Yum... Sand is gritty!

It was nice to chill out on the beach now that we had some shade. I even got some snacks from Mommy.

Thanks for the umbrella, lady!
Thanks for the umbrella, lady!

Spoon time

A quick announcement:

I have the spoon now!
I have a spoon now.

I know what to do with it
And I'm not afraid to use it!

Friday, July 28, 2006


At the Sing and Sign class Wednesday, the teacher taught us a new sign... for cars. It's a good thing since Uncle JT said that I have learn the sign for "car" and be able to say it to him before he'll let me ride in his new car. But I think I have to learn the sign for "milk", "mommy", and "daddy" first.

At the Sing and Sign class

When will I be old enough to drive one of these?
When will I be old enough to drive a real one of these?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby Boom!

It's past time for me to give a shout out to some of my younger friends and family out there. Now that I'm almost 7 months old, here is some advice for the young 'uns:
  • Be good to your mommy since she's the one making you food
  • Every once in awhile, crack a smile... it'll make the adults go crazy
  • Crying will get you everywhere

Baby Alana
Baby Alana

Baby Miles
Baby Miles

Baby Eitan
Baby Eitan

Babies Bryce and Chase
The twin babies - Bryce and Chase

Baby Lani
Baby Lani

Baby Carly
Baby Carly

Baby Taylor
Baby Taylor

And we are still waiting for a picture of Baby Hayden, who was just born yesterday!

In a few months, I will have 2 more friends arriving: Baby Stoffer and Baby Leong. Then at the end of the year, we will be joined by Babies Kajikawa, Paz and Tsuchida. Wow, our parents have been very busy! Babies Sinkaset, Wannares, Kao, Davidson and Lin-Nguyen next year?

I hope I'll get to meet all of you babies sometime soon so I can pass on my wisdom in person!

New England Aquarium

On Sunday, Mommy and Daddy took me into the city to do some more exploring. Since I decided to take a super long nap that morning, we got a late start. By the time we got into downtown, it was lunchtime. So we ended up going to Quincy Market for lunch (and Mommy wanted some Beard Papa's).

On the way to Quincy Market, we saw a bunch of windmills for sale at Faneuil Hall.

Wow! What are these?!!
I was pretty impressed with how they turned every time the wind blew.

Once we got into Quincy Market, Mommy and Daddy took awhile to figure out what they wanted for lunch. Daddy ended up with fish and chips (which didn't compare to the ones he had in London, according to him). Mommy had teriyaki chicken. As for me, mommy packed me my lunch - sweet potatoes! I picked out the sweet potatoes myself at Verrill Farm the day before.

My first taste of sweet potatoes
My first taste of sweet potatoes

Yay for sweet pototoes
Let me just say that it was different.

After lunch, we went to the New England Aquarium. Since there was threat of rain that day, the aquarium was super crowded with lots of babies and kids. Even so, I took a short nap while Mommy and Daddy looked around. They have a HUGE tank with lots of fish and a BIG sea turtle.

Penguins! I liked looking at the penguins, especially the ones that looked like they were babies, called the little blue penguins.

I woke up in time to see jellyfish. Here's a movie showing how interested I was with them.

Sorry the quality of the movie isn't so good. It was pretty dark in there. We had a lot of fun at the Aquarium. I hope Mommy will take me back to see the jellies again.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blueberry Festival

On Saturday we went out to Concord for the Blueberry Festival at Verrill Farm. It was on a real farm! Then again, there's lots of farms out here.

They had all kinds of blueberry stuff. Actually, they just had blueberry pancakes and later a blueberry pie eating contest.

I want some pancakes!
Mmm, blueberry pancakes. I just got to look though.

But they did have lots of neat things I'd never seen before. These included:

At Verrill Farm for Blueberry Festival
A really big ear of corn

That's a BIG truck!
A really big tractor

Little horse
A really little horse

Mommy, can I ride on it?
Mommy, can I ride on it?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I want some goldfish

After bubbles the other day, I was sitting on the couch, playing with my ball.

I think I'm getting it now.

Mommy and daddy were hungry so they poured some grownup snacks into a bowl for themselves. The snack looked like little goldfish! Mommy was eating next to me, and she looked like she was enjoying them. Now that I can eat grownup food (peas and carrots), I figured I would be entitled to try the goldfish.

I leaned in for a taste, and mommy looked like she was going to give one to me. She let me gum one a little.

Mmmm... goldfish...

But after letting me taste the flavor, she pulled it away and put it back in the bowl! How mean is that?

Where'd the goldfish go?
Where'd the goldfish go?

Sometimes I don't know about these grownups.

Friday, July 21, 2006


The other day at sign language class, teacher had bubbles. Everyone liked them so much, mommy got some for me today! She played them for me inside the house this morning, and I liked them a lot.

They were strong bubbles too. They stayed up in the air for a long time, and when they landed on my spiky hair, they didn't pop until mommy blew them off!

So Many Bubbles!
I wanted to touch them but that didn't work so well

When daddy got home from work, he wanted to play bubbles too. So I got to sit on mommy while daddy made bubbles. He blew big ones that dropped to the ground under their own weight. Mommy had to show him how to blow medium size ones that float in the air a long time.

I like the bubbles
Daddy and I like bubbles

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I want to feed myself!

This morning, Daddy had a hard time feeding me. Everytime he tried to put the spoon in my mouth, I would try to take it away from him and put it in my mouth myself. Daddy let me try a few times... but he had to help me guide the spoon into my mouth. Overall, I didn't do too badly. Maybe I can convince Mommy and Daddy to let me feed myself from now on.

Wait a minute, I know this
Wait a minute, I know this

I can do it
C'mon, Daddy, I can do it

Now what do I do?
Now what do I do?

I am sleepy now.
I am sleepy now.

In other news, Mommy took me to a class yesterday to learn sign language. Apparently, Mommy and Daddy think I will be able to learn and communicate with them by signing. I don't know about that, but we had lots of fun meeting other babies, singing songs, and playing with bears, balls, and bubbles! Too bad Mommy forgot to take pictures. I'll have to remind her next week to take pictures to show you.

One more thing - I HATE broccoli. I refuse to eat them. So now Mommy and Daddy have to figure out what new food to feed me this Sunday. What do you think? Leave me a comment.

Monday, July 17, 2006

My new toys

Last week, Mommy and Daddy got me a new toy. It's a ball that plays music and sings the alphabet song. I like to spin it.

Here's a video of me playing with my new ball.

Also, Daddy introduced me to a new friend for bath time.

My new bath time friend, the rubber ducky
I love to eat my rubber ducky. Do you think he minds me biting his head?

It tastes good. Yum yum!
It tastes good. Yum yum!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Our humble abode

Mommy and Daddy finally finished decorating our new place yesterday. Since so many of you readers have requested to see pictures, Mommy decided that we would do a video tour for you.

Here is our living room, where I hang out on my exersaucer.

Our dining area and most importantly, the kitchen... where Mommy prepares yummy foods for me.

My room. If you look carefully, you can see me playing in my big boy crib. I'm so happy Mommy and Daddy finally put up my giraffes and elephants. I had missed them so much!

Mommy and Daddy's room. Nothing special here except for the machine that allows me to communicate with everyone on the blogosphere.

Hope you enjoyed the tour... if not, then you'll just have to come and visit us to see the real thing!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Peas can I have some more

As you may know, I've started on solids. Mommy and Daddy have a new routine for me. For the last few weeks, I have brown rice with carrots in the morning for breakfast and rice cereal for dinner. For awhile, it took me awhile to figure out that I have to take "bites" of my food instead of just sucking if off the spoon.

This week, Mommy gave me something new to try... peas! I this new green food so much, I eat it all up. Here's proof.

What is this new food I'm eating?
What is this new food I'm eating?

Hmmm... it tastes different.
Hmmm... it tastes different.

Yummy peas!
Yummy peas!

All gone!
All gone!

Can I have another food to try next week?