Monday, February 24, 2014

Aulani Weekend

For President's Day weekend, we took a stay-cation at Aulani. The wet weather didn't deter us from enjoying ourselves.

Storytelling about menehune and waa
Wonderful storyteller

Storytelling about menehune and waa
Storytelling about menehune and waa

Floating down the Lazy River
Floating down the lazy river

Rainy day at Aulani
Still having fun on the rainy day

Watching the Olympics
We also had fun slumbering and watching the Olympics in the nice room.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Owen's Families are Forever Performance

Owen's 2nd grade class put together a performance as a tribute to their heritage and families as well as history of the melting pot here in Hawaii.

Owen is ready to go!
Ready for the show!

Opening number
Opening number

Internment camp song
Internment camp song

A tribute to Spam
Owen is "2 scoops rice" in the "spam, eggs, and rice" trio