Wednesday, May 30, 2007

North Adams and Mass MoCA

On Sunday we drove up north to North Adams. It was Sunday morning in Massachusetts, which meant everything was closed except for the churches. And boy were there churches!

North Adams-City of Steeples
North Adams, City of Steeples

We went for a walk through downtown North Adams. It was about 3 blocks long so we went down one of the side streets to look at some of the old houses.

Jack-o-Lantern-Memorial Day in North Adams
Here is someone celebrating Memorial Day with a jack-o-lantern

Bartman-North Adams
Another house celebrates with Bartman

After our walk, it was time to go to the real attraction in North Adams, Mass MoCA!

Mass MoCA
The old textile mill that houses Mass MoCA

It wasn't time to go in yet so we got to hang out in the courtyard for a while.

Upside down trees
Upside down trees by Natalie Jeremijenko

"Open" switch
Some kind of red switch. It says "Open" even though the museum isn't.

Big grapes!
A giant cluster of grapes. Or balloons. Whichever it was, I wasn't so sure whether I liked them.

Finally the museum opened and we got to go inside. The exhibits were so cool. I really liked the featured artist, Spencer Finch, and his show What Time Is It on the Sun?

Colorful windows
I forget what this one is called. It's lots of colored filters through which the sun shines and colors up the white room. Maybe that is what it was called...

Many pink dots... Jackie Kennedy's hat box color
This room had many pink dots in them. They represent the artist's recollection of the shade of color of Jackie Kennedy's hat. Or hat box. I can't remember.

We broke for lunch at Cafe Latino, the best Mexican food we've had since we left LA.

Lunch at Cafe Latino
That means it's the best Mexican food I've ever had.

We saw a few more exhibits, including the forbidden Christoph Buchel exhibit, which was not too well hidden behind all these yellow tarps. It was pretty huge, but we couldn't take pictures, so just imagine $160,000 worth of rusty cars, trailers, and carnival rides in a huge loft.

Another cool thing was Theo Jansen's beach beast, which is a big plastic skeleton that moves if the wind blows it right. The video was super cool. You can kind of see what it looked like here.

Rachel and Jay Tarses Emergency Exit
And finally, the Rachel and Jay Tarses Emergency Exit. No kidding.

Ok, I know I said I would have more on the Hancock Shaker Village, but it's past my bedtime, and mommy says I need I'm getting way too much screen time these days, what with the new article about babies and TV and all. That will have to wait for tomorrow night!

Monday, May 28, 2007


On Saturday we went on a car ride in the morning like we usually do. This time it was really long though. I went to sleep and when I woke up, we were still driving! We had driven to a place called Springfield, which is somewhere west of where I live. Actually, pretty much everything is west of where we live, but this was really west.

The first thing we saw was some big metal creatures. Mommy said they were by somebody called Dr. Seuss. I have a couple of his books, but I haven't seen these guys yet...

This is the Lorax. I didn't like him so much. I tried to run away from his mustache beard.

Dr. Seuss National Memorial
Here we are with the Cat in the Hat. That's Dr. Seuss sitting with his foot on the table, which I like to do too.

Those statues were in the yard outside this big building, the Springfield Museum of Science. Inside I got to see lots of stuffed animals and also fishies, which I really liked.

Springfield Museum of Science
There really were fishies in here

After eating the biggest sandwich I've ever seen, my parents took me to the basketball museum. I wasn't so excited by those exhibits, but there were a few I liked.

Giant Rhode Island Onesie
Here is a giant onesie for basketball players from Rhode Island

Size 22 vs. Size 6
This is mommy's foot inside of Bob Lanier's size 22

Slam dunk!
And here I am dunking on a 10 foot basket. Daddy had to jump really high to get me up there.

That was pretty much it for Saturday. I was spent, and we drove over to a nice hotel for the night. It had a wading pool and everything, but too bad we didn't bring swim trunks. Next time, I think I'll have to pack for myself.

Tomorrow, giant grapes and the Hancock Shaker Village.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hau`oli la Hanau, Mary Anna and Sand Box Fun!

For those of you not versed in Hawaiian, "Hau`oli la Hanau" means "Happy Birthday". It was my friend, Mary Anna's 2nd birthday on Wednesday, and her parents invited mommy and me over for a luau party at their house! We were dressed in our best Hawaiian attire. Good thing I had lots of aloha shirts to choose from. I was the best dressed boy at the party. Thanks again, Uncle Joel and Auntie Alison for the cool shirt. I received lots of compliments on it!

It's party time!
The boys in our aloha shirts.

The birthday girl
The best-dressed girl was of course the birthday girl! I really love her grass skirt. At one point, I was chasing Mary Anna around to pull it off.

Hau`oli la Hanau, Mary Anna
Happy 2nd Birthday, Mary Anna

Party, luau style
Mommy's tickling me!

Thanks again, Mary Anna for sharing your birthday with us. We're so sad you'll be moving so soon to Washington State. Come back and visit us!

Yesterday, mommy and daddy took me to a park that had a sand box. We met Emerson and her mommy there. Although daddy was paranoid about all the germs in the sand box, I couldn't resist the temptation of the trucks, shovels, and pails. Emerson and I had a blast! Needless to say, we were all buried in sand. But, oh, what fun!

Sand box fun
Shovel, shovel

Emerson having fun in the sand box
Emerson playing in the sand box

Mommies and babies
Mommies and babies braving the heat

Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend! I'm not exactly sure what we'll be doing, but mommy said something about huge Dr. Seuss sculptures. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunday at the Children's Museum

On Sunday I took daddy and Aunty Karna to the Children's Museum since they hadn't been there since it reopened. Mommy and I went already and it was so much fun! Here are some of my favorite things to do there:

Riding in cars with girls
Riding in cars with girls. I got to control the radio.

I'm in a music video with Arthur
Dancing in a music video with Arthur!

Meeting Arthur, the Aardvark
Arthur is much scarier in person. He looks like the big rat in my Thai book.

Splash time
Splash splash splash! Can we have one of these at home, mommy?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Baseball practice, playgrounds, good eats, and Mother's Day

Now that I have a baseball bat, I have to start training to be like Ichiro. Daddy and Uncle JT started me off on Friday morning with baseball practice.

Daddy teaching me how to hold a bat
Daddy showing me how to swing the bat

After practice, I took Uncle JT, mommy and daddy to the New England Aquarium to visit Myrtle the turtle and penguins. We went to the North End for lunch and cannoli. Yes, mommy lost to Uncle JT and daddy at a friendly game of poker, so she had to buy them their cannolis at the famous Mike's Pastry.

We spent Saturday morning walking around Houghton Pond in Blue Hills. There were lots of people walking their doggies to keep me interested during the hike. Mommy and daddy let Uncle JT and me play in the nice playground by the pond after our hike. I had so much fun on the swing and slide.

Houghton Pond
Family picture by Houghton Pond

I'm flying!
I'm flying!

I'm a BIG kid now
"I'm a BIG kid now!"

After spending all that energy running around, we had lunch at Himalayan Bistro where I had generous helpings of aloo bodi tama (a Nepalese stew of potatoes, black eye peas), matter paneer (mild curry of peas and cheese) with basmati rice and naan. Yummy!

When we got home, daddy and Uncle JT helped me practice my baseball swing for a little bit before Uncle Matt came for a short visit. The last time I saw him I was only 100 days old! He was in town for a reunion and stopped by to say hi. We walked down the street to Bruegger's so Uncle Matt could grab a bite to eat. Mommy let me taste some of her lemonade. Boy, was it sour! But I couldn't get enough of it!

Yasmin's daddy visits!
Yasmin's daddy came to visit us

After I woke up from my nap, we drove to Cambridge for burritos at Picante in Central Square. Mommy's now convinced that I should have been born in a Latin American country. I must have eaten most of the beans in her burrito!

I love beans!
I love beans!

We spent Mother's Day by taking a short hike around Hancock Woods. I fell asleep during the walk on daddy's back. After I woke up, we played in the playground at the elementary school near the trails. Daddy and Uncle JT even taught me how to play soccer. I'll have to post the video of it another day.

Nene time
Nene time during hike through the woods

I see you, daddy!
I see you, daddy!

After gorging ourselves at the Fireplace for brunch, we went for a walk in the Public Gardens in attempt to see the Ducklings Parade. We got there too late, but we still had a lot of fun seeing the tulips in bloom and babies in funny costumes.

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day!

Uncle JT and me among the tulips
Uncle JT and I among the tulips

Playing at Public Gardens
Playing at the Public Gardens

Even though we missed the parade, we got to see a family of geese with papa goose, mama goose, and their goslings. They look just like Mr. & Mrs. Mallard and their ducklings from Make Way for Ducklings. They were so cute and cuddly!

Mother Goose and her baby goslings
Mama goose and her baby goslings.

We spent Monday not doing much. I did get to try on daddy's slippers and helping Uncle JT pack.

Trying on daddy's slippers
See how well they fit?

Can you take me with you, Uncle JT?
Can you take me with you?

Over all, we had such a great visit with Uncle JT. We hope he'll come back and visit us again! I can't wait to see him again in August. He promised to teach me how to fish in Hawaii!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Uncle JT's here!

Yesterday, Uncle JT came to visit all the way from Hawaii by way of Toronto. He's going to be here for a week just to play with me. Uncle JT went to a baseball game in Toronto and got me a baby-sized baseball bat. I like it because it has a bird on it. He also got me a cool nesting/stacking block toy that doubles as a shape sorter! Mommy likes how it multitasks.

Thanks, Uncle JT for the baseball bat
My cool baseball bat. Here comes Ichiro!

I took Uncle JT to Ronak's house for dinner and we all played with Ronak's new water table. It was perfect since it was sweltering hot yesterday and Ronak and I cooled down by splashing water at each other. After working up an appetite, we feasted on a yummy dinner made by Auntie Sarita.

Ronak's new water table
Ronak and I having a blast with the water table

This morning after a breakfast of sausage and pancakes, we headed up to Rockport, MA. Uncle JT showed us around Rockport. We walked around Bearskin Neck and checked out some talented seagulls by Back Harbor. Then I got to play around in a park with some preschool kids before the adults got to feast on juicy lobster from an authentic lobster pound.

The gang in Rockport, MA
View of Back Harbor in the background

Video of the talented seagull eating my goldfish


On the way home, we took a short detour to check out the Paper House, a house that's made out of newspaper! Even the furniture was made out of paper.

Close-up of grandfather clock
Close-up of the grandfather clock

Tables and chairs made out of newspaper
Tables and chairs made out of paper

Tomorrow, we're going to the Aquarium and the North End for more food. I hear mommy owes daddy and Uncle JT some cannoli from Mike's Pastry.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

In Memoriam

Nan and Grandma_07232004
My grandmother and I in July 2004

Early this morning, my grandmother passed away in her home just outside of Bangkok. We are sad that we have been so far away and have not spent much time with her. She has persevered through many obstacles in her life - immigrating to Thailand from China as a bride, having to adapt to a new culture, new family, and raising 6 children in the midst of poverty. She was unwavering in her commitment to her family.

We regret that Owen has never met her. And we are unable to go back for the funeral either. I'm deeply saddened that I cannot pay my respects to her in person, but I hope that she will understand that I will be there in spirit. May you rest in peace, my dear grandma.

Friday, May 04, 2007

A week in review

Since we have been home from Florida, mommy's been keeping me busy with activities. Last Wednesday, she took me to a big library in Brookline to meet one of my favorite authors, Mo Willems. Even though the book reading was during my normal nap time, I'm glad that mommy woke me up for it. It was so much fun and Mr. Willems is so cool. He even signed some books for me.

Mo Willems
Meeting Mr. Mo Willems

The next day, mommy and I went to the newly renovated Children's Museum. It's been about 6 months since the last time we were there, and it looks completely different!

Renovated Children's Museum
The new Children's Museum

Renovated milk bottle
Renovated Milk Bottle in front of the museum

Now that I can walk, I got to play with more things in the museum. The playspace was so much fun - I didn't want to leave.

Showing off my engineering genes
Showing off my engineering genes

Flowers are coming up inside too
Saying hi to mommy from the playhouse

I want this for home
Mommy, can I take this home with me?

Daddy had Sunday off, so he took us for a walk through Arnold Arboretum. Over the last week, I noticed something funny happening with the trees. They now have colors again, but it's mostly white, pink, purple, or yellow. Daddy said that with all the rain we're getting and the weather warming up, the trees are "flowering".

It's spring!
It's spring!

Closeup of tree of flowers
Close-up of tree flowers

Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms

More cherry blossoms
More cherry blossoms

Even though the flowers were pretty, the best part about the walk was seeing all the dogs. I pointed out the dogs to mommy and daddy and I wanted to chase them around, but they were faster than me.

Dogs are over there, daddy
Dogs are over there, daddy

Let's go see the dogs!
Let's go see the dogs!

On Monday, I was taking daddy for a walk in front of the house when I made a new friend. Christopher and his family live just a few doors away from us and we've never met before. It turns out that we are very close in age. I hope we'll have more playdates together.

Meeting Christopher
Meeting Christopher

Playing ball with Christopher
Thanks for sharing with me, Christopher

Yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny day, so mommy decided to take me back to the zoo to see the new baby tapir named Seamus. He's less than 2 months old! We didn't see baby tapir last time since he was sick with pneumonia. Over the last couple of weeks, the doctors have been taking good care of him and he's all better now.

Baby Tapir named Seamus and its mama
Seamus and his mama. Isn't he cute?

For dinner, we met Aunty Demetra who was visiting from LA. We went to Dok Bua Thai Restaurant in Brookline. The adults couldn't get over how yummy the food was and they were all stuffing their faces. I was so wiped from the day at the zoo that I was too tired to eat. I liked the garlic pork though. Mommy and daddy forgot to get a picture of my with Aunty Demetra to post - they were too busy eating and talking. Sorry!

Today, after StrollerFit class, mommy and I met up with Uncle Greg who's also visiting from LA. We got take-out sandwiches and went to the park. After lunch, I got to run around the park with Uncle Greg. Too bad we couldn't spend more time there... it was close to my nap time, so mommy had to take me home.

Greg playing with Owen
Uncle Greg and me

Whew, what a busy week I had. And mommy says that we'll have more visitors next week. Can't wait for Uncle JT to come play with me!