Wednesday, January 31, 2007

End of January Notes

It turns out that I have had a haircut before. I just forgot since it was like 11 months ago!

Also, I wanted to mention that baby Mia's got her own website now, but she seems to be writing in the voice of her daddy. It's a highly sophisticated blogging technique where one pretends to be someone else and then writes about themselves. Check it out!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First Haircut

Mommy's been complaining that my hair is too long in the back, so yesterday Mommy and Daddy took me to a place called Snip-its.

At Snip-its before haircut
Before the haircut. I really don't think my hair is that long, do you?

We had to wait awhile, so Daddy showed me lots of neat stuff in the store. They have a really cool mural on the wall. You can see part of it in the picture. Then they called my name. So Mommy sat me down on her lap in front of a big mirror, and a lady with big scissors came over and put a big green cape of me. She said it was a BIG bib, so I didn't mind it on me. But then this lady started to cut off the hair on my head. I couldn't believe Mommy let her do it. I was just stunned. I tried to protest a bit, but Daddy distracted me by showing me a big tub of bubble solution and started blowing bubbles for me. Before I knew it, the green cape was covered in hair.

First haircut
After the haircut. I'm just speechless. What do you think?

Happy Birthday, Ah Mah!

Today, Ah Mah (Mommy's mommy) turns 60, which makes her 60 times older than me. I hope you are having a good birthday. And we hope to see you again soon!

Happy Birthday, Ah Mah!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Lazy Sunday

This weekend we didn't do too much. On Sunday when we woke up, snow had fallen, and everything was white. So we stayed in and daddy made us pancakes with blueberries in them.

Blueberry pancakes
Flippin' the pancakes

I like these pancakes!
I liked these pancakes!

Then later we went out to look at the snow. We walked to a bakery not far from our place. The sun had come out and everything was so bright!

Snowy walk
My sleigh ride

When we came back home, I helped with the chores.

What is this?
What is this?

Nice and warm!
Oooh... nice and warm!

What else is in here?
What else is in here?

Time to fold the laundry
Ok, time to fold the laundry!

Later, my room got dark all of a sudden. I thought at first the sun went away, but it was just the shade and daddy trying to fool me!

Where'd the sun go?
No nap for me!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Knitting Baby

The other day mommy was sitting in her chair while I was playing on the ground. She looked like she was having fun so I went over to see what she was doing. She had this tangle of string shaped like a ball, so I helped her by stretching the string all out. It was fun!

Do you know what this is?


Knitting Owen
Now what should I make? Gloves? A sweater? A hat?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Emerson's Birthday

This weekend I took my parents to Baby Emerson's first birthday party. She and I are almost the same age! There were lots of babies there, and lots of neat things to see.

Lots of babies
Lots of mommies and lots of babies

It was cold outside that day. Lucky we were inside!

I can wear my hat
Here's a little trick I learned from Baby Una. If you don't want to wear the birthday hat, just use your regular hat! Your mommy won't know the difference, and she'll make funny faces too!

Elmo cake
Emerson had an Elmo cake. You can see where she's trying to cut the cake for everyone in the green section.

Frosting is yummy!
We all liked it, but Emerson enjoyed it most of all! I think she shared some with her daddy after we took this picture.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Future Composer?

Yesterday, Mommy was cleaning the floor. So she put me in the exersaucer with my piano book that Grandma Ching got me. As Mommy was cleaning, I wrote a song for her. She got distracted by the music and had to stop cleaning to listen and take this video. Hope you like my first music video.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

More babies

It's only 18 days into the new year, and already there's a new crop of youngsters coming into the world for me to meet...

Baby Matteo

Baby Mia

Congrats to the new babies! If you need any advice on keeping your parents on their toes, let me know!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ichiro Turns 1

After a whole year of going to other people's birthday parties, last weekend we had my big first birthday bash at Ah Mah and Ah Gong's house!

More excitement
I was excited!

Mommy made me a onesie just for the occasion. Here's the design:

It says, "I am Ichiro. I am one year old." Only mommy forgot to put the polite "krup" on the end, so it sounds like I'm being rude. Please excuse... me only one. krup.

The spread
Ah Mah made lots of food!

I'm excited about lunch
I liked my lunch. Ah Mah made me tod mun (fried fish cake with red curry paste) and noodles. I loved it!

Then it was time for cake cutting.

Birthday Prince
Ah Mah helped me with my hat, and Cousin Maya helped me with the candles.

So many people came to help me celebrate!

Uncle Greg and Baby Alana
Here's Baby Alana and her daddy. Again, another younger baby who's about the same size as me.

Aunty Jen and Uncle P'Namphol
Aunty Jen and Uncle Namphol gave me a place to sit.

Thai Culture Club
The UCSD Thai Culture Club came too! Actually that's only 4.5 Thai people and 3.5 non-Thais in this picture.

And even though mommy had said "no presents" (I know, I know, I couldn't believe it either) people brought me so many gifts anyway!

I can't believe Uncle Dan and Linda customized this shirt for me!
I got a personalized Seattle Mariners' jersey with my name on it!

Thank you everyone for coming and for the great presents! I had the best birthday ever.

Now we're back in Boston, where it's actually warmer than SoCal (39 here, 29 there today). I had an awesome trip, and I hope I will get to see everyone again soon!

Ah Gong, Ah Mah and us
Thank you Ah Mah and Ah Gong for all your hard work! See you again soon.

Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year's in Hawaii

After another long car ride, I woke up to find... I was in Hawaii! We were very busy in Hawaii with daddy's family, and I got more presents!

After sleeping a little and then waking up late (9 am Boston time), we went to make mochi at Aunty Hattie's house. It took all day, but it was fun! I got to play with my toys, and all the grownups worked hard. Except for daddy who I had to supervise!

Mochi making with Aunty Misako
Aunty Misako loves my new activity table as much as I do!

The next day it was raining so Uncle JT took us to the aquarium. Then he brought us somewhere for "shave ice". I loved it, although it took me a little while to warm up to it! In case you're wondering, Uncle JT didn't have any accidents while I was in the car.

My first shave ice
My first shave ice

This toy doesn't work
Celebrating my Madden victory over Uncle JT. Just kidding--we didn't play. But if we had...

Hawaii has playgrounds too!
And they have playgrounds in Hawaii too!

At night, Kung Kung played clarinet for me. He played in the University of Hawaii band when he was in college.

What's that sound?
What's that sound?

In the mornings I had manapua, yogurt, and some exotic fruit.

Rambutan man
Eating rambutan. At first I was scared of this hairy fruit, but then mommy peeled it and I liked it!

I got to see lots of people again.

Aunty Cheryl, Baby Aubrey, Aunty Shellie and me
Here's Aunty Cheryl, Baby Aubrey and Aunty Shellie. Aubrey was still inside Cheryl the last time I was in Hawaii. Now she's almost as big as I am!

Owen, Lani and Nathan
Me, Baby Lani and Nathan. Lani was inside her mommy too the last time I saw her!

Going to Hawaii wouldn't be complete without going to the beach. We went to Ala Moana on New Year's Eve.

No waves here!
No waves here!

This beach, I like!
This beach is a lot nicer than Boston!

Mmm... sand
Mmm sand...

Then it was time for New Year's Eve at Aunty Joyce and Uncle Dwayne's house. Part of New Year's in Hawaii is fireworks, and they had lots! I could only watch, and I liked the sparkly stuff. The loud stuff, not so much.

New Year's Eve with Aunty Marlene
Me and Aunty Marlene. I'm making sure my bun doesn't get burned!

On New Year's Day it's tradition to have a special soup called ozoni. It's mochi, mizuna, and special clams in clear broth.

Eating ozoni
Here I am sampling the mochi we made. I liked it!

Then it was off to Kahala for a birthday brunch.

Birthday Brunch
Our family celebrating... my 360th day!

I was tired during lunch but then we went outside and there were...

Whoa, dolphins!

Too bad our trip to Hawaii ended so soon. Next: SoCal part 2!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas in Southern California

Ok, here's part 1 of my trip. First mommy and daddy got me up extra early to go sit in a big car for 6 hours. It was okay since I slept and brought some reading with me. When we got out of the car, it was sunny and warm!

Some in flight reading
Hmmm, I wonder where we're going?

Ah Gong met us at the airport and then we went to Ah Gong and Ah Mah's house. Guess what? They got me a cell phone!

My first cell phone!
It only calls one person though...

The next day was "Christmas." I woke up three hours early for some reason. There was lots of stuff that people had put paper around and I had to work hard to get that paper off. What hard work! Just leave it and I open it easier!

I'm going to have to grow into this one
I think I'm going to have to grow into this one

Later we went for Christmas dim sum.

Christmas dim sum
Hanging at the restaurant

I thought we were in California!
I thought we were in California! This restaurant was just next to where we went to eat.

Then we dropped by K&D to see some family.

In the classroom at K&D
Cousin Ariel and Sydney got pretend babies. They could take care of me if they wanted a baby.

Cee reading in Thai
My aunty Cee reads Thai really well.

After K&D we walked to the park.

Some things I did like
Some things I liked...

Some things I didn't like
Some things I didn't...

This I like. All better now!

A little help, please?
A little help, please?

The day after Christmas we went to the zoo in San Diego. I don't remember this place, but mommy said I'd been there before.

Whose aviary? Oh yeah!
Whose aviary? Oh yeah!

I liked this bird a lot
I liked this red bird a lot. I couldn't stop looking at it.

At the zoo
After they let me out of the stroller, Ariel had to hold my hand so I wouldn't get lost.

I had so much fun for Christmas and at the zoo! There's lots more to tell you about, but daddy says it's bedtime so I'll have to fill you in later... See ya!