Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Museums and Sledding

Wow, has it been over a week since I last posted? I don't even remember how long ago some of this was, but this is what we've been up to this month...

We went to Emmy's birthday party at the place where I used to have gym class...

The usual suspects
The usual suspects. I am trying to inch my way out of the lineup on the left.

Aki cruising along the balance beam
Aki demonstrating her skillz: cruising along the balance beam

The day after the party we went back to the science museum. It was snowing pretty hard that day, but daddy and mommy really wanted to get out of the house. They drove extra carefully out to the museum. On the way there they saw cars spinning all over the place... even a police car!

We saw some new things at the museum that day.

Two turtles
Two turtles

Whiteout outside the museum
Whiteout outside the museum

Overturned snowplow
On the way home we passed a little snowplow that had turned over.

I guess next time they will think a little longer about going out when it's snowing so hard!

The next weekend we went to the Children's Museum with Troy, my pal from the "old school" as mommy likes to call it.

Owen driving, Troy manning the stereo
Me and Troy driving down somber street...

While we were cruising, Aki found something that she couldn't take her eyes off of. It was a shaggy-haired baby doll without any clothes on. She was kind of fascinated and scared at the same time...

Aki's favorite toy in the Children's Museum
In case you were wondering, this is not Aki's happy face.

I want hair like this!
But she couldn't take her hands off of the doll's shaggy hair...

Later we went sledding. And not just a little sledding. We had to get all ready to go out.

Owen wearing goggles to sled
Wearing daddy's my goggles

Ready to go!
Ready to go!

Daddy and Owen going down the hill sideways
Going down the hill using daddy's famous sideways technique

After going down the hill, it was too far to walk back up. Luckily I had a ski lift.

Owen's personal ski lift
My personal ski lift

Ready for another go?
Ready to go again?

Aki in the snow
Aki didn't have quite as much fun

It's more fun when you put your hands up!
I think she's thinking that this is just another stroller/car seat, only colder and not as safe

Ok, I think that catches you up a couple of weeks. That'll have to do for now. By the way, Happy Chinese New Year's everybody!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Last Weekend at the Museum of Science

Another week gone, and we're already falling behind on our posts!

Last weekend we went to the Museum of Science again. It was the second time in two weeks. The week before was not so good. I went with daddy on the train and mommy ran errands with Aki in the car. When she came later, the garage was full, and the guards told mommy to park far away. They wouldn't even let her drop Aki off!

Daddy decided we had to leave before it was time because mommy wasn't going to be able to get Aki to the museum on the snow covered sidewalks. I was upset about leaving, so that's why we got to come back again the next week, that is, last week. But don't feel too bad for me. I got to go to the big going out of business sale at KB Toys where mommy ended up parking, and I got some sweet Matchbox cars for half off (whatever that means)!

Ok, back to last weekend... We went to some parts of the museum that I had never been before.

Making my computer fish
Making a computer fish that gets released into the fish tank in front of me

Beads on magnets
Making a "drawing" with colored metal bead-ropes. Mine is the one in the front: a dozer. Mommy's is in the back. I think it's some kind of bunny.

Aki's favorite toy from the science museum
Aki got to play in the "crawlers" room

"Abstract Building"
I call this "Abstract Building." Really.

What can we do with these?
What can I do with these?

Binoculars! Daddy says I look like WALL-E, whoever that is...

Yay for the Museum of Science two weeks in a row!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 10 months birthday to me!

Yesterday I turned 10 months!

Here are some of the things I can do:

Happy 10 months birthday to me!
I can crawl after Owen and I love to smile.

I can pull up and cruise
I can pull up to a stand and cruise (slowly).

I love noodles!
Baby food are for babies. I want real table food that mommy, daddy, and Owen eat. I love slurping up noodles. Rice and beans are quite yummy too.

See you later!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On My Real Birthday

Oops, I forgot to tell you about my little birthday party, that I had on my real birthday one week ago...

I got to open a present in the morning...

Must wear crown again...
Had to wear my crown again to make sure everyone knows who's the birthday boy

Cupcake turtle
At school we had birthday cupcakes that mommy made.

Then after school I got to open all my other presents.

Ooh... I see Nemo!
Ooh... I see... Nemo!

Eye shadow
I got a stamp pad, and Aki got some ink over her eyes. The grownups thought this was funny. (You might have to click on the picture to see the ink...)

Later Ronak and his mommy came over to help me celebrate at dinner. After dinner we had another birthday cupcake party...

After all the practice, it's finally my birthday!
The cupcakes say OWEN IS

Blowing out the candle
I wish for...

Who knows? More cupcakes? More birthdays? Mommy and daddy to get jobs?

Happy Belated Birthday to me!

New York Adventure, Part 5

Ok, so there's not much in this last part of our trip. We didn't have too much time to play before we had to get on the train back to Boston. We went to see if we could see a big big Christmas tree but we got sidetracked in another toy store first, the biggest Toys R Us ever! They had a ferris wheel inside, but I didn't want to go on it.

Instead, while mommy shopped for Christmas ornaments, I went to...

Owen gaming
Play my first handheld video games! Nintendo DS, in case you were wondering. I am using the stylus to play Super Mario Brothers.

Then we walked around looking at the toys.

Big train table at Toys R Us
I didn't see this! Why did no one show me this?

They had awesome LEGO sculptures and lots of LEGOs to buy, unlike the other toy store we went to. But the thing I'd never seen before was: big Megablox sculptures!

Megablox big apple
Actually, there was only this one, the big cherry, or something.

Bye New York! We had a great time! We'll be back soon!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New York Adventure, Part 4

So after yesterday's not-so-much-fun-for-us-kids day, we set out to have more fun on our fourth day in New York.

Delacorte Clock
First stop, the clock from Madagascar!

This was right outside the zoo in the big big park from yesterday. Inside the zoo we went to the rainforest where it was very warm and very moist.

It was steamy in the rainforest
The rainforest house

My favorite part was seeing Stellaluna, or the fruit bats. Aki's favorite part was coming out of the stroller.

Later we went to the children's zoo, which is right outside the real zoo.

Highlight of Owen's day: the eggs
Me and Aki hatching in turtle eggs. This was my other favorite thing of the day.

Playing on the turtles
Oh, and this was pretty favorite too!

Owen as a bunny
Me in a bunny statue. Too bad we didn't take a picture of Aki in her bunny hat in this bunny statue!

After the zoo and yummy Japanese food we went to the Museum of Modern Art. That is, mommy and daddy went while we slept.

They said they went to see the exhibit that was put together by this guy. Apparently we saw his stuff last year when we went to Montreal.

Artist's Choice + Vik Muniz = Rebus
Entrance to the exhibit

The "Artist's Choice" means that Mr. Vik chose things from the museum's collections and put them together into a show. There wasn't any of his stuff, but there were still plenty of neat things.

Tom Friedman: Untitled (1995)
Like this fly, for example, also known as Untitled (1995) by Tom Friedman

Security guard watching over the fly
This security guard's job was to make sure no one touched the fly. He was hiding around the corner so that he could jump out and yell at people. He wasn't as cool as the other guard who was walking around and singing to himself.

The trick of the show was that each piece led to another. For example, the funny colorful toy below was followed by that statue of a lady with her hands out, like she was playing with it. Then the hands statue led to something else.

Some of the pieces in the Vik Muniz curated show
Reflection playing with toys

What is that one?
Mommy reading about the pieces

Interloop Architecture: E-X-I-T (2004)
Last piece in the show (really)... Interloop Architecture: E-X-I-T (2004)

I'm out of the stroller!
Aki got to come out after the show

We both went down to play in this cool light projection show, called Pipilotti Rist: Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters).

Pour Your Body Out
Checking out the big apples on the screen. Does that mean something?

Pour Your Body Out
Aki was more interested in these two other visitors. At least I think they were visitors. Maybe they were part of the art?

Phoebe at Uncle Nick's
At Uncle Nick's restaurant for dinner. We didn't actually see our Ah Gu, but maybe he was hiding.

We had lots of fun at the zoo, and some fun in the museum. It was our last full day in the city. Thanks for reading this far. I sure would've given up by now.