Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Movin' on Out

We're on the road! As you might know, we're moving to daddy's ancestral homeland of Hawaii. We cleaned out our apartment today and started our road trip this afternoon. We have traveled almost 3 miles from home, and I'm having a sleepover with Ronak tonight. So far so good! Since we're on the road, we hope we'll be able to update more promptly. Next stop, New Haven!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eating Noodles

During the week we were pretty relaxed. I've been home from school since it ended last week. Daddy was home a lot since he's winding down his work. One day we went out to eat dim sum at the dim sum restaurant but after 45 minutes they didn't serve us. So we left and went to the Korean noodle restaurant. Let's just say that it was a blessing in disguise! We love our Jajangmyun!

Eating noodles

Eating noodles


Pirate Birthday Party

Last week we went to a pirate's birthday party. Actually the pirate was my classmate, new Julia (not Julia from my old school).

Owen with his spy glass
Mommy helped me paint my face like a pirate. Or Harry Potter with a mustache.

Pirates get hungry too
Pirates sometimes get hungry for pizza. And they eat the crust first.

Nan and Aki playing badminton
Mama and Aki practicing her family sport

Owen and Leo trying t-ball
Leo and I are practicing for the pinata

Ooh... that's a hard pinata!

Finally Julia's dad got a broomstick and one of the big kids broke it open

Pirate ship pinata
Poor pirate ship

Happy Birthday new Julia!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in Time

Oops! I wrote about last Sunday already but I forgot to write about last Saturday! We did lots of stuff, but since it's out of order, I'll make it quick.

First off was Ellie's birthday party at Kids U, my favorite gym.

Aki having fun at Kids U
Aki being crushed by giant roller

Pirate ship!
Ahh... there's much more space in this pirate ship!

At Ellie's birthday
Pizza was fun. And tasty too!

After the party we had to rush home so that Aki could nap and daddy and I could go to the John and other John concert (or as mommy likes to call them, TMBG, not to be confused with NKOTB). At least that was the plan. When we got home though, I decided that I wanted mommy to be my date. So off we went to the concert...

At TMBG concert
We had great seats!

After TMBG Concert
And I got a balloon!

After TMBG concert
And we went to Starbucks afterwards!

Daddy would definitely not have gotten me a balloon or Starbucks. That's why I chose mommy.

When we got home, it was such a nice day that we decided to have dinner in the park. We had leftover barbecue and ate it under the sky.

I was kind of full from Starbucks though, so I decided to go exploring. There was lots of stuff to see there... Like this staircase down to this green, leaf-covered lawn.

Owen fell in the pond
But it wasn't a lawn at all! It was a trap for little boys to fall into! A very stinky trap.

Oh well, at least I got to see Ellie, John and other John!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

MoS and Bon Voyage BBQ

Last Sunday we went to the Museum of Science. We have only a short time left here in Boston, so now everything is like a farewell tour. I'm going to miss the Museum of Science.

They have a new exhibit now, called Crittercam. Basically scientists mount cameras to animals and set them free. Then the cameras fall off and the scientists go find them. It was really cool!

Owen setting up crittercam on turtle
Here I am adjusting the critter-cam. For some reason, on the screen, it says, "Aaah!"

Owen setting up crittercam on turtle
Ok, maybe I need to adjust it
from this angle

Later we went to the Discovery Center, Aki's favorite part of the museum.

Owen at Lite brite wall
Playing with the Lite Brite

Owen preparing for geology work
Getting ready to do some digging

Owen looking through magnifiers
Everything is big like this! Daddy says this is a preview of what I will look like in a few years. I don't know what that means. Look like Daddy, maybe?

Aki putting strap around mama's head
Aki helped mommy with this red strap

An impressive wall of blocks
Every time I come, Daddy always tries to build all these blocks into a wall. This time, this girl actually did it!

Aki at her favorite station
Aki's favorite part of her favorite part of the museum

Owen performing experiment
Later I took part in an experiment. I had to tell this lady which puppet a crayon belonged to. Silly lady. It's mine!

Building a hoop glider
Then Aki and I helped daddy build
hoop gliders.

After we left, Aki had a nap and we drove out to Daddy's boss's house for a "Bon Voyage BBQ."

Owen and Aki playing with Logan's toys
Daddy's boss has a kid between me and Aki's age, and that meant, toys and train books!

Aki wants to play ball too
Aki liked this ball. We have one like that, right, Daddy? Come to think of it, I wonder where it went...

Daddy and his fellow fellas

Even though we don't have that much time left, the weekends have been so much fun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Full Moon, Dragon Boats, Patriots Place, and the Revolutions

Last Sunday we had a many adventure day... After brunch at the fun restaurant where they have a play space (as opposed to a Playland or Playplace), we went down to Harvard to see the Dragon Boat racing.

This year we didn't watch so much dragons or boats as we did yo yos.

Chinese yo yos
These kids were way better than the guys we saw at the street performer festival. But they weren't better than these guys who we didn't see at the street performer festival.

Owen trying on Aki's floppy hat
We watched a little of the racing after the yo yos. Here's Owen staying safe from the sun with Aki's hat.

Owen beading
Back at the beading table.

Since there wasn't too much more to see after that, we left. We drove to see a soccer team play and while we were waiting for the game to start, we went down to a big store called Bass Pro Shops. It was super cool inside.

Turtle pond
They had a giant cave with a pool

And they had all kinds of things to ride on!

Test drives
Can I have one of these, daddy?

Test drives
How about this?

Test drives
Or a pair of these? Aki can have one too.

Bass Pro Shops is super fun! But then it was time to go to the soccer game.

This is how close we got to sit. Here are the players warming up.

Owen showing what he did the whole evening
Our seats

Teams entering the stadium
Then the players came out

Teams entering the stadium
Wait a minute, I've seen that fox somewhere before...

Red Bull parachutist entering the stadium to boos
The team was playing the New York Red Bulls. As this parachute guy came down, people were upset that he was a Red Bulls parachute guy.

Then the game started. It was very exciting!

Emmanuel Osei (5) clears a ball
Here is a guy hitting the ball with his head.

Right after this, we sent daddy to get more popcorn for me, and while he was gone, the good guys scored a goal.

It was okay though. In the second half, the good guys scored another goal, and it was right in front of us!

Steve Ralston celebrates his goal
Steve scored this goal

Mommy and Aki celebrate a goal
Aki was happy about the goal

Since it was 2-0 and it was getting late, we decided to head off for the exits. Of course, by the time we actually left, the good guys scored 2 more goals that would have been right in front of us if we'd stayed. Oh well, it was definitely time to go.

Leaving the stadium after a long day
Here we are, walking back to the car after a fun filled day. This picture is for Kung Kung. That's an elevated water tank that might or might not contain treated reclaimed wastewater from the stadium. I'm not so sure.

What a great day we had! I hope we will get to go back to try some more cars and boats and see some more soccer!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday in town

Last weekend we went into town to the See New England Festival. It's all about New England travel and businesses, but we went for the music and free foods.

Owen poking penguin in the throat
Here's the penguin from this Santa's Village place. You push its button and it talks to you.

Owen, Daddy, and Wally (not WALL-E)
I got to meet Wally. I thought it was going to be WALL-E.

Owen and green lobstah
Enjoying some of the giveaways: rice chips and green lobstah

Burial Ground Coloring Page!
Another fun giveaway: burial ground coloring map!

Aki liked the giveaways too. Here she is enjoying some Cape Cod potato chips. She usually doesn't get the whole bag, so here she is figuring it out:

Step 1: Open bag
Step 1: Open bag

Step 2: Inspect bag
Step 2: Inspect contents

Step 3: Get chip
Step 3: Ooh. Chips inside. Get some.

Step 4: Drop bag
Step 4: Mission accomplished. Chip in hand. Bag no longer needed.

Aki made a friend during the concert.

Little girl rubbing Aki's cheeks
Actually this girl didn't have too much sense of "personal space." Here she is stroking Aki's cheek.

The little girl and Aki
Then she lifted Aki up and offered her to this giant fox. Aki was ok with it.

After the concert, our ears were ringing so we went to the big Boston Common park to rest. Aki napped and I went into the playground.

Arr! I'm a scuba diver!
Me and my favorite statue in the playground

That's better
Ok, that's better

Riding the carousel in Boston Common
They have a merry-go-round too! I wanted to ride the chicken but I was too late.

Boston Public Garden
After a stroll through the Public Garden, it was time to go home.

Being outside on Boston summer weekends are so much more fun than in the winter!