Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas joy

Merry Christmas!

Owen and I woke up early to check our stockings. I was excited to get a new friend Stripey the tiger and Owen got Roary the lion from Santa Claus.

We both got the LEGOS we asked for from Sant Claus: Olivia's house for me and Ewok Attack for Owen.

I went to work on bringing down the many Amazon boxes we received.

One of our favorite toy this year is the Rainbow Loom. We got to work on making bracelets for ourself and our friends.

Mommy and daddy received the AquaFarm from Uncle Nick and Aunty Michaela for Christmas. It took daddy some time to set it up. We decided to use the wheatgrass seeds that came with the kit to test out the aquaponics system before growing other types of plants. After daddy had it all set up, the following day we went out to get our new pet, Aqua, the betta fish.

Here's a picture of our wheatgrass germinating after a few days.

We are so thankful that Ah Mah and Ah Gong are here spending the holidays with us.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!