Monday, August 09, 2010

Long time no write

Ok so it's been a month of no blogging and I think we are going to have to shake up the editorial process a little bit here. But until we figure out how that's going to look like, here's what we've been doing over the last month (with new bigger pictures!).

First, we went to Aunty Shellie and Uncle Brian's wedding. Mommy had to work to make the wedding awesome.

Mama with the pole for the lion
Here she is with the pole to feed the lion. It was every bit as exciting as it sounds.

Then came the highlight of the evening--dancing!

Aki busta move
Aki and I have been practicing at home so our moves look smooth on the dance floor

No holdin' back
Aki's interpretive dance has disco origins. I like the breakdancing.

We've also been going to our new favorite beach, Kaiona!

Strumming along
I like the nice grass and the stage for playing my stick guitar.

Body surfing
I also like body surfing. This is what body surfing means, right?

A few weeks ago, it was the Tinman Triathlon. I rode my bike out to watch the bicyclists go by a few blocks from our house.

Owen riding his bicycle to go watch the Tinman Triathlon bicycle segment
I walked home. Daddy pushed the bike.

Then we flew off to Tia Missy's house in San Jose! She took us to all kinds of fun places like this park with lots of fun rides.

Aki didn't like the up-and-down
Aki did not like the up-and-down merry go round horses

Owen driving the old timey car
But I liked driving the old timey English car

Swan pedal boats
And going on these pedal boats

Out on the water
Out on the water

Another day, Aunty Missy took us to the aquarium. It was a long way away but we were able to watch movies on the screen in the fancy mini-van we rented. This was one of my favorite things of the trip.

At the Aquarium
At the aquarium

One of the many hiding places at the aquarium
It was full of little nooks for little kids to go look at the fishies


Aki trying to look through telescope
And there were telescopes so you could look out to sea and see the seals. Aki wasn't too convinced that they worked.

Obligatory diver photo
I think it was a real aquarium because it had real divers!

Aki playing in mirror
After the aquarium, it was chocolate time at the chocolate cafe!

The last day we were in San Jose, it was just quiet visiting time. We got to see Aunty Karna and Uncle Arne and their new baby.

With baby Elsa
Aki liked looking at the baby. Their dogs not so much.

Then it was on to a mommy and daddy store.

Owen and Aki at Ikea
There was some furniture that was just perfect for us, but we couldn't bring it home

Finally when we got home we got to spend some time with friends.

Kajikawas visit
Here we are with baby Evan and Miranda, another younger girl who is bigger than me.

Now that summer school and our vacations are over, we are going to hang out with Mommy for the rest of the summer! I wonder how long more that will be?

Perks of working at LP - free ice cream!
Eating ice cream at mommy's new school...