Friday, August 24, 2007

Visit with my old buddies

Also this week, my old buddies from Culver City came to visit! The last time I saw Zoe and Sam, Sam and I could barely roll over. Here's a link to a picture of us from last April.

Mommy, Daddy, and I met Zoe, Sam, and their parents at one of my favorite places, the Children's Museum. We had a blast.

I showed Zoe how to drive a car.

Sam and I playing with boats.

After lunch, we acted like monkeys in a treehouse.

See Zoe hanging out just above me?

Sam and I also had fun with pinwheels.

It was so much fun to see my friends again. I wished we hadn't move away from Culver City since Zoe, Sam and I would get to play with each other every day! I hope to see them again soon.

After I woke up from my nap later that day, I found a package from Uncle Dan, Aunty Linda, and baby Emma from DC.

The letter has lots of cool stickers on it.

Me opening up the package.

Lookout! Farm

Last Sunday we went to pick fruits at Lookout Farm. It's been a while since I've been there.

Juicy fruits
Aren't you supposed to pay for those?

Bee eating very ripe nectarine
Bee eating a nectarine!


Driving the caterpillar train
Driving the caterpillar

I like to steer

I liked the nectarines and peaches, but I especially liked the apples. Maybe it's because I can say "Appo!".

Bye bye Ashley!

This week we went to a party with my friend Ashley. She's the one who watches me when mommy and daddy go out. The party was because Ashley's moving home, and she won't be able to hang out with me as often.

It turned out that lots of people know Ashley. These are all the kids she used to hang out with.

She took care of this many kids!

Ashley is so cool! Hopefully she can come down and visit if she's not too busy!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sitting in boxes

One thing I like to do is sit in things. I sit in the clothes hamper when mommy brings it into my room to fold the laundry. I sit in the little cubbyhole when my toy bins are out and about. And I also sit in my toy bins too.

Sitting in my tub of Mega Blox
Sitting in my tub of Mega Blox

Playing with mommy and daddy's old camera
I can do two things at once too: sit in a box and play with mommy and daddy's old camera.

I'm not the only one who likes sitting in boxes. Aunty Oakley's got a whole box collection!

Her most impressive box

Also, this guy and this girl like sitting in boxes too.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summertime Eating

Lately I've been having an extra special number of good things to eat. First Ah Mah was here, and now, we're really getting into the summertime mood at the dinner table.

Sweet sweet corn on the cob from the Corn Fest

Yummy yummy mango ice cream
Yummy yummy mango ice cream. I dug up everything I could with a spoon, and this is how I clean up.

Ice cream for hair gel
The aftermath: ice cream as hair gel

Corn Fest

Last weekend we went out to the Corn Fest at the Wilson Farm in Lexington. They grow all kinds of stuff out there, but my favorite is corn! They had samples of corn on the cob, corn bread, popcorn, corn salsa and corn chowder. I liked them all, but I really liked the corn on the cob!

I still have bangs
Showing off my haircut in the morning before we went out--I still have bangs

At the farm they had animals too. I knew the names for some of these critters:

Big piglet


Llama in Llexington
"Neigh neigh." Oops, it's a llama.

Back at home--can I go out?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bye bye hair

Usually mommy cuts my hair, but this week daddy and Ah Mah took me to a new place. I was skeptical. The nice lady tried to distract me, but I really didn't want to wear her fancy cape. Ah Mah ended up holding me for my haircut, which meant that she and I got hair all over us!

My hair was THIS long!
Earlier in the morning... little did I know what was in store for me

The fish was THIS big!
This is how much hair she cut off

Cookie smile, new haircut
Afterwards, I got cookies

Like my new do?

Katie's birthday

Last weekend I went to Katie's second birthday. I haven't seen her for a while, but I was happy to go play in a new fun place called Kids U.

Kids U has a big gym floor with stuff to climb on. I liked the balance beam.

How I balance
Showing off how I balance

Making popcorn
Making popcorn for the party

After playtime in the gym, we got to go to the snack room for snacks and cake. I got the seat of honor at Katie's right hand.

You guys, you don't have to wear the hat if you don't want to!
You guys, you don't have to wear the hat if you don't want to!

Happy Birthday Katie!
Blowing out candles

Eating birthday cake with Katie
Look at 2 year old Katie eating by herself. I needed a little assistance.

I had a lot of fun! Happy Birthday Katie!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

My big belly

Now that Ah Mah is here, she's been taking extra good care of me. I am eating a lot. You can tell by looking at my tummy:

What? This is just my tummy!
What? This is just my tummy!

Of course you might think it's suspicious that my tummy has hard little edges to it. It's just my five pack... of Hot Wheels cars! Daddy saw them and said these are for kids 3 years and older. So I had to do something to keep them.

Where the cars go for safekeeping
Where the cars go for safekeeping

How did I get them, you may ask? Ah Mah took care of me today while daddy went to work and mommy took a test. I took her walking to the local Consumer Value Store this morning. Ah Mah asked me if I wanted a car, and I told her, "no" as sweetly as I can. Then I pointed to the 5 pack and signed "want," "please." How can a grandma resist that?! Better value, more toys. It's just common sense!

(As a nod to my editor, I will mention that if you look up Hot Wheels on the CVS website, you can buy some interesting medicines.)

Ah Mah's Here!

Ah Mah's here for a visit! The first thing she did was to get rid of the tray for my booster seat. I eat with a plate or a bowl now on the big people's table. I also learned how to eat with a spoon. (I still like using my hands).

Friday, August 03, 2007

Newest Members of Baby Club

Congratulations to Uncle Dan, Aunty Linda and baby Emma, who was born on Tuesday morning. I hear they're doing well. Also, congrats to daddy's boss who had her baby Logan last week. And I have a new cousin, baby Brandon who was born on Monday to Uncle Gregston and Auntie Hiroko. I hear Ashley's being a good big sister. Yay for three new friends!