Sunday, January 31, 2010


Wow, we're really behind the times now! We haven't blogged about anything since my birthday party early this month. Don't worry that you're missing too much though. Since mommy and daddy started work, we haven't been doing as much. We like to have "stay at home" day or at least, "stay in Hawai'i Kai (our little part of town)" day. It works out fine for me since I get to play with all the toys I don't really have time to play with during the week.

Then again, sometimes we do still go out. For Martin Luther King Day we went to drive around the island. That's how daddy celebrated the first MLK Day back when he was a kid, so we figured we would reenact it.

First stop was my favorite pineapple plantation ghost town... Dole!

At the koi pond
They still have the koi

At the koi pond
And they're really hungry. The fish were climbing all over themselves to get our food!

Coming into the station
Here comes the the Pineapple Express!

On the Pineapple Express
Ready to go?

On the Pineapple Express
Mt. Kaala, the highest mountain on O'ahu, presiding over overgrown pineapple fields

After the train ride, we didn't stop for the pineapple ice cream. We went straight to Haleiwa for walking around and lunch. Since it was kind of early for lunch, we had dessert.

Uncle JT's fiancee's favorite shave ice is Aoki's

Ready for shave ice?
I liked it too. I really did. But I agree with Uncle JT and daddy. Waiola's is finer.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zoo Birthday Party

I had my birthday party at the zoo this year!

Owen as a lion
We made masks of animals. Here's my favorite.

Aki as a lion
And Aki's favorite. Looks kind of familiar...

Feeding the fish
Barack Obama, we got to take a special tour of the zoo. Only there were a lot more people around for us...

Hungry koi
We got to feed the fishies. They were really hungry.

Lion Chantilly cake from Liliha Bakery
Then it was time for lunch. And cake!

Happy Birthday, Owen!
Happy Birthday to me!

Owen being silly
Pi├▒ata time!

Aki's turn on the Pinata
Aki pulled the string but no candy came out!

Cassidy's turn
Still no candy...

I got one!
And then it all came out! Aki got one.

I got candy too!
I got one

Upside down Owen
Yay for my birthday!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Turned 4 Today!

Please put me back
My Birthday, 4 years ago.

Birthday prince
When I turned one.

I am two. Joop Joop.
When I turned two.

After all the practice, it's finally my birthday!
When I turned three.

Sun ceremony
At preschool today, we did a special sun ceremony to commemorate my birthday.

I got to hold a globe and walk around the candle (that symbolizes the sun) four times. This activity helped me understand what one year meant... one year is the amount of time it takes the earth to go around the sun one time. Then everyone sang the birthday song to me in English and Hawaiian! And I got birthday hugs from the aunties and my classmates. The day got even better after nap since it was my first day at Papa Mele - an afternoon music class at my school. At today's class, we learned a fun song called, "Day-o". After daddy picked me up from school, we headed out to dinner at one of my favorite places, Maile's Thai Bistro. I LOVE mee krob!

Transformer cake!
When we got home, I blew out the candle on my Transformer cake! Aki was so excited to help.

The guitar is bigger than Aki!
Best of all, mommy and daddy got me my very own acoustic guitar! It's taller than Aki.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year to all our friends, family, and secret admirers! We hope you have a super happy year and come and visit us sometime!

Love, Owen and Aki