Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday in Roslindale, the ICA and Ellie's

On Saturday we had a really busy day.

First off, a staring contest.

Staring contest. Phoebe won.
Phoebe won

Then we went out to the Roslindale Farmer's Market. It's even smaller than the Brookline one, but it was perfect!

Adams Park Farmer's Market
Award winning tomatoes. You can even see their trophies with the tomatoes on top!

Eating popcorn
I liked the kettle corn, even if it wasn't fresh

After the Farmer's Market we went to the ICA Playdate with Ronak. The special exhibit with Anish Kapoor was really amazing, and the photos on this website just don't do it justice.

Running with Ronak
More running with Ronak

But the best part was the bubble guy who did a show called Bubble Mania! It was awesome! Here's a video of him from the YouTube.

After nap time came another summertime party. We went to Ellie's house and Emmy and her mom and dad met us there.

Elly and Aki enjoying her blanket
Aki having tummy time with Ellie

Eating at the kids' table
Dinner at the kids table. You know this didn't last long.

Dropping back for the pass
Dropping back for a pass after dinner

Running around in Elly's house
Running around in Ellie's house!

I love parties, bubbles, farmer's markets, and staring contests!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Strawberry Picking

On Friday daddy didn't have to go into work so we went strawberry picking. I thought they just came from the store!

I pick this one
I found one!

Is this a strawberry?
Is this a strawberry?

We finally figured out which ones to pick and started filling up our basket.

Some of our loot
Some of our loot

We ended up picking 8 pounds of strawberries! They were yummy.

After laboring in the fields, it was time for fun. We went to the playground (or as I say, "the poyk") and petted some goats.

Where should we drive this?
We should get one of these for the house!

Feeding the goats
Feeding the goats. Their tongues were rough.

When we came back we had to drop daddy off at work for a little bit. We went to the Rose Garden to play.

At the Rose Garden
Driving again

Pretty soon though, the thunder started and everyone split. We drove to get daddy through the pouring rain, and then when daddy got in the car, he was wet like when I take a bath! The car is still wet inside from his wet pants!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aki Sunday at the Park

A few days ago, we left the house again.

Owen and Daddy put on red shirts. I don't know why I don't have one.

Showing off our colors
Showing off their colors

Dice-K Matsuzaka
Daddy, what are dice for?

I didn't get to go out with Daddy and Owen in the morning. Here are some pictures they took when they were out at Owen's favorite place.

Watching the divers
Owen looking into the tank

More divers
Owen's favorite people

Flower Hat Jellies
Looks yummy to me!

After Mommy and I picked up Owen and Daddy, we went to drop Owen off at a friend's house. Then we got to go to a big park with lots of people.

Before the game
We had to watch from way up high. We couldn't go on the grass.

Dark clouds over Fenway
The clouds were extra dirty

Grounds crew draining water off the tarp
Lots of guys were playing parachute on the grass

J.D. Drew and Kevin Youkilis
Daddy likes these two guys for some reason

Aki watching the baseball game
I woke up and watched the game.

It was more interesting than staring at the ceiling, which is what I usually do.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Farmer's Market and Houghton's Pond

Last week mommy took us to the Farmer's Market here. I thought it was going to be like the one in San Francisco, but not so much. I guess maybe because it's only been warm for a couple of months now...

Brookline Farmer's Market
You can buy lots of lettuce and one tomato

Strawberries on my shirt
At least the strawberries were juicy. All over my shirt!

On Friday we went out the beach. First we had to hike through the forest.

Owen in the forest
Are we there yet?

Houghton's Pond beach
Wait, that beach is right where we parked!

Finally we got back to the beach. There was lots of sand on the top, but in the water it was all mud!

Wading in Houghton's Pond
Wading in the pond

At least the water was warm! We sat and splashed and then I took a little swim, courtesy of daddy's arms. Too bad they don't allow you to bring your mask and fins! We'll have to wait for Hawaii for that!

Later after I woke up from nap, we went to my book club. I think the topic was eating popsicles and running in the dirt. At least, that's what I did.

Children's Book Club
Waiting for the popsicles and running

Triops has three eyes
I made a face with my pancake. I call it “Triops has three eyes” in honor of my favorite song.

What a great Friday I had! Of course, I only remember the popsicle, but it was still fun!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Phoebe laughing

Phoebe laughin'
I can laugh now. Especially when I'm being tickled.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day and Brookline Flag Day

Sunday was Father's Day. So we celebrated by making daddy run another race. This made 3 races in 22 days. That's a lot of running, daddy. Time to rest yet?

This was the Brookline Flag Day 5K. I thought it was Father's Day? Anyway we did this last year, and it was fun then too.

Watching the hat man sing
Mike the Hat Man gave us a show again. I got his card for my wallet again.

The hat man gave me this hat mask
Then the hat man made me this hat, which I figured could be used as a mask too

After the race, we went to have pizza and watch the parade.

Daddy and Aki
It's Aki's first Father's Day

Bicycle committee member
Brookline Bicycle Committee member

Watching the parade go by
"Watching" the parade go by

That's a big snowplow
That's a big snowplow!

"Beat LA" crazy Boston fans
Our neighbors were yelling "Beat L.A." to everyone who passed us by. People liked them.

My favorite part of the parade: lollipops!
Someone threw us some lollipops. This is all I could remember from the parade.

Happy Father's Day, daddy! It was the best Flag/Father's Day ever!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ronak and a Grad Party

Last Saturday Daddy worked so me and Ronak met up to hang out. We were going to go to the Public Garden, but we ended up going to a different kind of garden. This one was 8 stories above the ground at Ronak's daddy's work.

Playing in the garden 8 stories above the street
We threw rocks in the fountain

Leaning over the fountain
Leaning closer...

We got wet so we needed to change
Oops, got too close. Had to change clothes...

Where's our clothes?
We checked out the aliens that landed on the bench

Running after Ronak
Then some running off our lunch!

After Daddy finished work we went to pick him up and brought him to a graduation for one of his work friends.

Blowing in the wrong end of the nosiemaker
Party time! Which end do you blow?

Horsey ride!
We played horsey ride. This is daddy's research mentor's son that I'm clinging to.

Lollipop at the graduation party
Afterwards, there was a pinata and I got this lollipop. This is all I could remember of the party...

It was a fun Saturday--I think... Where's the rest of my lollipop?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I can soothe myself now

I can soothe myself now. Sometimes.
That is, when I can find my fist...

Back to Daddy's School

Last weekend was daddy's school reunion. It was very very hot, especially under the tent at the barbecue. The kid's play area was especially especially hot.

Playing in the oatmeal at the reunion bbq
I am mixing up the oatmeal in the wading pool

It was so hot we went outside to cool down! The Science Center fountain was nice and cool.

Running away from the cold water
Yay! Who needs a swimsuit?

Playing in the sprinklers
At least I didn't get all wet like the girl behind me. Her mother is wringing the water out of her body.

Afterwards it was time for contemplation in the cool AC of the Science Center.

Sitting on the stairs in the Science Center
Sitting on the stairs to the physics classrooms

On the second floor there was a big collection of old science equipment. I liked playing with all the knobs and switches. I hope they weren't set for anything, because they're not anymore!

Jungle taking over something else
Jungle taking over the equipment

Look at this big tree. Do not look at what I am doing.
Daddy was impressed by this big potted tree. Do not look at what I am doing.

Owen climbing on old physics equipment
Can I pull off these switches?

Jungle growing over retired oscilloscopes
More jungly oscilloscopes

Sunday was more reunion time. We went to the Natural History Museum then sweated it out in the farewell brunch. It was too hot too take more pictures. At least I had some more of the forbidden fluid, orange juice this time! I like Daddy's school!