Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Grandma and Aki

Happy Birthday, Grandma! Thanks for making us lots of yummy food, taking care of us when we're sick, feeding us frozen yogurt, and bringing us lots of presents!

Love, Owen, Aki, Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Birthdays

April has been a month of birthdays. Here are a couple of ones we went to.

One weekend we went to Wyatt's house for his birthday. It turned out that it was actually Dylan's birthday, but we celebrated Wyatt's anyway. One of the nice things about Hawaii in April is that any day is a good wading pool day!

Kids in the wading pool
Uncle Brent spraying us with the sprinkler

Wyatt helping Aki with her pool
Aki didn't like being in the big pool with us so she got her own pool

Then it was Julian's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. It was our second time to a Chuck E. Cheese. Aki loved looking at the monster mouse, but she didn't want to give him a high five.

Riding the jeep
I had fun on the rides

Waiting to sing Happy Birthday to Julian
Here I am, looking out for the big mouse

Happy Birthday, April kids!

Monday, April 05, 2010


Aki, thanks for taking over the posting while I've been on sabbatical. I was contemplating the true meaning of Easter. Here is what we were doing while on my writing break.

First thing we did was to go to the biggest Easter Egg hunt in Honolulu.

Where's Aki?
Do we look happy to be going?

Here we are!
Yeah we are!

It turned out that the biggest Easter Egg hunt was sponsored by the biggest church on our side of the island. That meant the biggest Easter gospel pageant before we could go hunt eggs.

Aki waiting patiently through Easter pageant
Aki patiently waiting during the show.

Finally it was time to go out onto the field. We were all divided into age groups so Aki and I split up.

Surveying the egg-scape
Here I am surveying the 4 year old eggscape.

Owen gathering eggs
Go! No kids within miles of me!

Here's one that's already opened
Here's Aki checking out an egg.
Aki doesn't want the opened egg
Nope. That one was already opened. Aki doesn't like the already opened ones.

7 eggs. Owen left some for the other kids.
Here's my loot. I was nice and left some for the rest of the kids.

After the island's biggest Easter Egg hunt came the smallest carnival. Kaiser High School had their first spring festival. Instead of driving into town to go to the mega-Family Festival at Ala Moana, we stayed local and had fun in the sun!

Riding on Sugar
Pony ride on Sugar.

Owen sliding down mega giant slide
Me sliding down the mega slide.

Note the girl being carried by her about-to-be-landed-on father. Maybe if the Kaiser student at the top had stopped me from going down right away, this wouldn't have happened. Or maybe if my father had supervised me a little better...

Cooling down with Jamba Juice after hot Easter egg hunt
All that work meant we needed some refreshment. Lucky there was a Jamba stand!

Lion Dance
Can't have a post-Easter Egg carnival without the lion dancers!

Ring toss.
Or ring toss!

Yesterday for real Easter, we got to celebrate in a more traditional way.

Opening Easter baskets

Then we went to Aunty Brooke and Uncle Greg's house for another Easter Egg hunt.

Aki on the hunt
Here's Aki on the prowl

Owen by the garbage cans with some of his loot
I found some sweet Easter Eggs out by the trash

Coloring eggs (and hands)
Later we dyed eggs. The best part was dying my hands!

Easter is for guns
And don't forget the Easter water guns!

And water grenades
Or water balloons!


Of course we also got to go Easter hot tubbing.

Aki likes going up
Aki likes going up

And splashing down!
And splashing down!

Happy Easter!