Monday, November 27, 2006

More Thanksgiving Week events

I'm finally recovered from Thanksgiving week with Ah Mah and Ah Gong. Here are some of the other things we did besides eating and getting sleepy:

On Sunday, I was eating breakfast with mommy, when daddy walked in the door with Ah Mah and Ah Gong! I hadn't seen them in so long, I was so happy. Plus they brought presents. This one is from Great-Uncle Noi, Great-Aunty Tim, and Aunty May who got it in Japan.

Presents from Japan
A Very Hungry Caterpillar bowl and tray for Very Hungry Owen!

That day they napped in the morning then we went out to see some big balloons. They were really big. It was for some kind of "May Cee's" parade, whatever that is.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Preview at Government Center
Big pig or pink hippo?

Sleeping at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Preview
This is what I thought of the whole affair

Monday was lazy because daddy had to work. In the evening Baby Ronak came over and we modeled our matching vests together.

Me and Ronak are going to form a boy band
I think they want us to form a boy band

On Tuesday we went on a "Duck Tour." It was cold, and there weren't any ducks, so I was disappointed. I fell asleep. Later, mommy told me while I was sleeping, the driver drove into the river and let some little kids drive the boat! You wake me up next time, mommy! I would've wanted to drive it!

Duck tour
Why didn't she wake me up?

On Wednesday we went to the aquarium. Again. And I missed the jellies. Again. So sad. Another thing I slept through. But I did get to see lots of other fishies and Myrtle the Turtle in the big tank.

Ah Mah holding me up at the Aquarium
This is me at the top of a 3 story tall salt water tank

Then it was Thanksgiving, and in the morning we went to the Buddhist temple. Some of the monks had gone out for a special event, but there were still 3 guys left. This one gave me another bracelet to wear.

Monk for Thankgsgiving
Nice monk

Then it was home for dinner...

Bubble Thanksgiving!

You expect me to eat all that?
What is that thing, and why aren't you feeding it to me?

Things I'm not fond of: being prodded with big turkey wing
On second thought, maybe I'll pass

Okay, you know what happened after this. Next time, I'll write about what we did after Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Ah Mah and Ah Gong came all the way from California this week for Thanksgiving, and everyone had a yummy time. I will keep the post short since I am very sleepy now for some reason. More Thanksgiving stories later...

Ketpura Thanksgiving
Our Thanksgiving table. I wanted to look at Ah Mah instead of the camera, so daddy turned on the TV. Too bad. Now I look at TV instead and no smile for you.

Full. I go sleep now.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lexington and Plymouth Redux

Last week, our friends Uncle Greg, Aunty Susan and Alana came to visit from LA. We went to visit them in Lexington on Thursday.

It was raining, so we hung out in their uncle's house. He has lots of cool things to look at. This big ball for example. Aunty Susan rolled me up and down on it. I liked that a lot. I also liked playing with his humidifier, but mommy and daddy wouldn't let me do that much.

Rolling Around

On Saturday we went out to Plymouth to see the Thanksgiving parade. Here we are with Uncle Sameer and Ronak.

Plymouth Parade
I am applying some "product" to daddy's hair

Uncle Greg, Aunty Susan, and Alana came down after the parade. Here's Alana dressed up as a cheerleader. Too bad her cheering didn't push Michigan to a win on Saturday.

Uncle Greg and Alana striking a pose

Uncle Greg, Uncle Sameer and daddy all went to med school together, and they were all in Boston for undergrad too. None of them knew each other before then but they're all still following the same path today...

More first borns of first borns
Baby parade: Ronak, me, and Alana

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Picture time

Mommy and Daddy got me all dressed up over the weekend to go to the park. Aunty Karna also came with us. I thought we were going to the playground so I can play in the swing. It turns out that we were there to take pictures with Aunty Karna acting as the photographer. The adults kept telling me to look at the camera, but there was a family flying a kite there that captivated my attention. I had fun anyway since Daddy and Aunty Karna kept me entertained. After over 100 pictures, here are a few good ones.

Higher, Daddy, higher
Higher, Daddy, higher!

My hair is standing up!
My hair is standing up!

The whole family
Picture perfect

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Temple time

Since it was mommy's birthday recently, we all went to a Thai temple this weekend. Actually, this was the second time we tried to go to temple. The first time, mommy looked it up and we drove all the way out to Malden. It was just a house though, and nobody was around. It turned out that the temple moved 3 years ago!

So we gave up on that temple and this weekend we had a second try. We went the other way, and headed way down south to a different Thai temple, Wat Nawamintararachutis. I don't know how to pronounce it and neither does daddy. Mommy can barely say the name!

Anyway, this location just opened this summer on an old farm, and they're building a brand new temple there. For now, the monks live inside the farmhouse and the people go to the barn for the services.

Wat Nawamintararachutis
This is us in front of the barn. A couple of young monks are in the back talking to people. They dress like this all the time. Even on cold days, but it was actually about 55 degrees out.

Inside the barn, there was this stage. All the monks sat up there and chanted. When I tried to chant with them, daddy picked me up and took me to the back of the room. So mean, huh? I was just trying to help!

The head monk gave us all these bracelets. Mine is just white cotton string, but mommy and daddy got colorful ones! We're supposed to wear them until they fall off. I don't think mommy and daddy's are ever going to fall off.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Last Zoo of the Season

Mommy took me to Stroller Fit at the Zoo on Friday because it was supposed to be the last time we'll be there for a few months. She said it's supposed to get really cold so even the animals will have to go inside. I can't believe it because it was so nice out that day.

Kickin' it at the zoo
Even Daddy got to come and play because it was a "holiday"

The lion came to see me and said "Hi" really loud

We saw these lemurs, Emma and Lulu, eating crickets. They're the bosses of the male lemur, Shorty, because that's how lemurs are.

String cheese!
At lunch daddy discovered how much I like string cheese

More cheese please!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Strollering for a Cause

Sorry I have been behind with my posts. My editors have been too busy this last week to help me. I will make sure they update with more posts in the next few days.

Last Sunday, I took Mommy and Daddy out to Coolidge Corner for a Stroll-a-thon to raise money for moms and babies in Darfur. We met up with my friends from StrollerFit class to lead the warm-up for the 2.2 mile walk. It was a chilly day, but the sun was out... and we had a great time.

Strolling for Darfur

Lots of strollers for a cause

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rainy Day Games

It rained all day today so we stayed inside. Mommy and I played lots of games since daddy had to work all day. I kept her busy! Here's some of what we did.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Stand in the place where you are...

Mommy and Daddy got a new toy today. It was a brand new camera that takes longer video clips. It came just in time since I am now able to pull up to standing by myself!

A big thanks to Aunty Leng, Aunty Kathy, Uncle Jimmy, and Aunty Irene for their generous donations.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mommy

Mommy and me in front of our house

Today is mommy's birthday! Mommy, thank you for feeding me, playing with me, picking out nice clothes for me to wear, getting up in the night with me, taking me to classes, and being the best mommy in the world! I love you mommy! Did I remember to thank you for feeding me all the time?

To celebrate her birthday, I let mommy go out with daddy for dinner at Oishii, a sushi restaurant. I said I would stay home by myself since I'm a big boy, but they made Aunty Karna come over to watch me and make sure I didn't get into any trouble.

They weren't gone for very long, so I was fine. Maybe now they'll let me stay home by myself! I've got lots to do here, plus maybe then I can catch up on my blogging! Happy Birthday again Mommy!