Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Crafts on the plane
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To ring in the new year, Daddy took Aki and me to the Children's Discovery Center to countdown to noon! It was so much fun. We saw the balloons drop and drink an apple juice toast. Too bad mama missed out. She's still recuperating from her owie knee. Here's a picture of our new year hats on the airplane at the Children's Discovery Center.

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day full of presents

Owen and I have been so excited about Christmas for days!

Santa's snack
Last night, Daddy helped us set out snacks for Santa - M&Ms, a fortune cookie, pretzels with milk. This morning, when we woke up, the snacks we left were all gone! And Santa left a note for us.

Christmas tree after Santa came
There were also presents in our stockings and under the tree.

After breakfast, and grandma, Kung Kung, and Aunty Marlene came over, we started opening presents. Here are some highlights.

Dr. JUSTEN (Bieber)
Dr. Justen (Bieber)

County Hospital
Back side of doctor outfit

Aki drawing with Color Wonder Explosion
Aki drawing on the Color Explosion

Playing with Legos, new and old
Playing with Legos, new and old

We spent all day opening and playing with presents with a short lunch break. Before dinner, our whole family played many rounds of Toy Story Kerplunk Game that Emmie and Andrew sent us. Owen and I decided to change the rules so that the ones with the most aliens win. I think it worked out in our favor since Owen and I took turns winning.

Thank you everyone for thinking of us. We love all our presents! Mele Kalikimaka.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Santa and Reindeer
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We wish all our family and friends a very merry christmas. This will be the first year we'll be spending Christmas at our Hawaiian home. I wonder how Santa keeps track of where everyone is on Christmas Eve. He must have a super-duper GPS/people tracker.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Gobble gobble

Turkey's been eaten, Christmas lights are up, the tree is trimmed, packages have been arriving on our doorsteps... it must be getting close to Christmas!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last weekend at Ihilani

In case you missed us, we went to a hotel last weekend, one we didn't have to take an airplane to. The rest of the pictures are here.

Making art HiSAM

Animal masks at HiSAM
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We love going to the Hawaii State Art Museum for the family programs on second Saturday of the month. Yesterday, Owen and I made animal masks. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hau'oli la hanau, mama

To the best mama ever,

Happy birthday and we love you!

Owen, Aki, and Mike

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Woody and Jessie here to wish y'all a Happy Halloween! Have a safe and fun day. Don't eat too much candy now.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two months and a change

Over two months have gone by since we last posted. I've been so busy in school and with my rock star artist career that I haven't had time to write as much. Sorry.

Because of this change in my priorities, my editorial team has decided to pilot a change to this blog. For those of you who don't keep up with our parents on facebook, probably the flickr photo-sharing website is most regularly updated site. We'll post some of the photos here from flickr, and if there are more things to see, just head on over there...

But since we do have to catch up before we try this new idea, here's some of the last two months:

In up to their waists
We spent the morning at Waimea with our cousins Ryan and Phillip

Stegosaurus' Walk By Owen
I wrote a book called Stegosaurus Walk

Blue Angels maneuvers
We went to the air show for Daddy's birthday

Pizza time!
Many birthday parties: Braden, Shayna, Dayton, Hannah, Jenica (and Chloe, but we didn't bring the camera to that one...)

Aki and her best friend, Sydney
And Kawaiaha'o's Harvest Festival

Ok, from now on, shorter but more frequent posts is going to be the plan, so let's see how it goes!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Long time no write

Ok so it's been a month of no blogging and I think we are going to have to shake up the editorial process a little bit here. But until we figure out how that's going to look like, here's what we've been doing over the last month (with new bigger pictures!).

First, we went to Aunty Shellie and Uncle Brian's wedding. Mommy had to work to make the wedding awesome.

Mama with the pole for the lion
Here she is with the pole to feed the lion. It was every bit as exciting as it sounds.

Then came the highlight of the evening--dancing!

Aki busta move
Aki and I have been practicing at home so our moves look smooth on the dance floor

No holdin' back
Aki's interpretive dance has disco origins. I like the breakdancing.

We've also been going to our new favorite beach, Kaiona!

Strumming along
I like the nice grass and the stage for playing my stick guitar.

Body surfing
I also like body surfing. This is what body surfing means, right?

A few weeks ago, it was the Tinman Triathlon. I rode my bike out to watch the bicyclists go by a few blocks from our house.

Owen riding his bicycle to go watch the Tinman Triathlon bicycle segment
I walked home. Daddy pushed the bike.

Then we flew off to Tia Missy's house in San Jose! She took us to all kinds of fun places like this park with lots of fun rides.

Aki didn't like the up-and-down
Aki did not like the up-and-down merry go round horses

Owen driving the old timey car
But I liked driving the old timey English car

Swan pedal boats
And going on these pedal boats

Out on the water
Out on the water

Another day, Aunty Missy took us to the aquarium. It was a long way away but we were able to watch movies on the screen in the fancy mini-van we rented. This was one of my favorite things of the trip.

At the Aquarium
At the aquarium

One of the many hiding places at the aquarium
It was full of little nooks for little kids to go look at the fishies


Aki trying to look through telescope
And there were telescopes so you could look out to sea and see the seals. Aki wasn't too convinced that they worked.

Obligatory diver photo
I think it was a real aquarium because it had real divers!

Aki playing in mirror
After the aquarium, it was chocolate time at the chocolate cafe!

The last day we were in San Jose, it was just quiet visiting time. We got to see Aunty Karna and Uncle Arne and their new baby.

With baby Elsa
Aki liked looking at the baby. Their dogs not so much.

Then it was on to a mommy and daddy store.

Owen and Aki at Ikea
There was some furniture that was just perfect for us, but we couldn't bring it home

Finally when we got home we got to spend some time with friends.

Kajikawas visit
Here we are with baby Evan and Miranda, another younger girl who is bigger than me.

Now that summer school and our vacations are over, we are going to hang out with Mommy for the rest of the summer! I wonder how long more that will be?

Perks of working at LP - free ice cream!
Eating ice cream at mommy's new school...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!

We spent the day celebrating Jake's birthday at Uncle Joel and Aunty Alison's house. Owen and I had fun splashing around in the wading pool. I made a new friend, Eve. She's Jake's cousin.

My new friend, Eve
Don't we look like twins?

Traffic jam
Owen and I loved playing with Jake's toys. Oops, traffic jam.

Family, Owen, Aki
After nap, we headed on over to Uncle Jeff's new place for more swim time...

Then we had dinner....

Fireworks viewed from Kaka'ako
and fireworks!

Fireworks viewed from Kaka'ako
We had an awesome view of the fireworks off Magic Island.

Fireworks viewed from Kaka'ako
This one is Owen's favorite because it's green.

Here's Owen showing his newly acquired Jedi moves.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

More visitors!

A couple of weeks ago, Uncle Greg, Aunty Susan, Alana, and Maile came to visit from California. We had so much fun at the beach BBQ and swimming at Uncle Roger's new place. Alana and Maile also came over to our house to play and have dinner with us.

Kids table
Maile, Alana, Owen, and I having dinner at our the kids' table.

It's crowded in here!
After dinner, our parents thought it would be fun if we kids took a bath all together. It's was crowded but we made the best of it!

We can't wait for you all to move here to Hawaii!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Father's Day Visitors and Kung Kung's Birthday

Lots of friends and family came to visit us this past month. On Father's Day, Uncle Steven, Auntie Jeanie, and our cousins Mia and Sean joined us at the pancake breakfast. Then we went to the Honolulu Academy of Arts to check out their Fishies-themed Family Sunday.

Mia getting some air
Here's Mia getting some air while we waited for the museum to open.

Aki fishing at Academy of Arts
Mama helping me catch some fish.

Thanks, Mia and Sean, for coming out to play with us! We wished we could have spent more time together!

Coincidentally, Father's Day was also Kung Kung's birthday! It turns out Uncle Gregston, Aunty Hiroko, and our cousins, Ashley and Brandon were also in town visiting from Houston. They came over with Aunty Gwen (Kung Kung's sister) and Uncle George to help us celebrate.

Celebrating Father's Day and Kung Kung's birthday
Dinner to celebrate Father's Day and Kung Kung's Birthday.

Kids table
There wasn't enough room on the big table. Owen and I loved having our own table with Ashley and Brandon.

Blowing out candles on Kung Kung's birthday
Happy Birthday, Kung Kung!