Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wedding

And now, the moment we came to LA for, Aunty Kathy and Uncle Billy's wedding!

Owen showing off the ring nest
I was the ring "bear". Here is my ring nest that Aunty Kathy made. I am relaxing in the green room.

Ah Mah and Owen
I had to get ready quick though so that I could help Ah Mah down the stairs.

Admiring the bouquet
Aunty Kathy showed me and Aki her bouquet. Aki was more interested in Kathy's hair though. Aki was the flower girl.

Five years!
Mommy and daddy have been married 5 years now

Owen, Nan, and Aki
Here we are, taking care of business.

Exchanging vows
This was our view at the ceremony

Bird kissing mommy
Oops the bird fell off. Well, now it can kiss mama!

Thanks Auntie Kathy and Uncle Billy for my Playmobil pirates
At the reception, all I remember was Playmobil pirates!

Other stuff happened too, and lots of stuff happened after Ah Mah and Ah Gong took us home to sleep. Lots more wedding pictures here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

California Adventure

On Friday, Aunty May came with us to California Adventure, right next to Disneyland.

Group picture under the Golden Gate Bridge
Here we are under the big not-too-golden bridge. Aki is in the copilot seat behind me.

Owen and Handy Manny
I got to meet Handy Manny. I liked his green shirt.

Toy Story Zoetrope
We got to see this Toy Story zoetrope thing. It's a set of statues mounted on a carousel. When it spins, these flashing lights go on and off and make the statues look like they're actually moving! It was so cool, but of course, daddy only takes pictures.

Picture with Mickey Mouse
We met Mickey again. He had changed his clothes since we last saw him. I guess he has to take baths every day just like us.

Later, after lunch we went on some rides.

Mommy and Owen
Mama and me on the bumper cars. I was a good driver.

Then we went to sleep. Mama went on this thing. Daddy stayed down to watch us. Too bad Aunty May left, otherwise maybe Daddy would have gone on it too! Yeah, probably not.

Group picture with Lightning McQueen and Mater
After our sleep, a whole bunch of other people came to meet up with us, including Ah Mah!

Band playing
While everyone went down to play, daddy and I watched this band. They're singing "Ghost Riders in the Sky." Really.

Owen joined the band
I got to accompany them on washboard.

Dinner was at Ariel's Grotto, where you get to meet all of these people who are princesses. 

Hanging out with Belle.

Aki loved her spaghetti
Aki liked her spaghetti.

Ah Mah and Ariel's birthday
It was actually Ah Mah's birthday, according to the Thai government records. My cousin Ariel's birthday was that weekend too. So they got special desserts. 

Happy Birthday Ah Mah and Ariel!

California Adventure was fun but I liked Disneyland better. If there was only some way to transport Handy Manny to Disneyland, that would be perfect.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the Rest of Our Trip

Ok, so now it's kind of silly to be writing about stuff that happened in California, since we've been back in Boston for over 2 weeks now. So let me just finish up the rest of our trip in the next few days before we move on to current events.

On Thursday it was the wedding rehearsal day so mommy left us with daddy and went to play with her friends.

It was just fine though, because daddy lets us do stuff that mommy probably wouldn't.

Owen pouring the bucket
Like take off all our clothes and play in the water area at the Kidspace children's museum in Pasadena. I was wearing my pullup and Crocs. Later a man came and told us to put our clothes on. While I was changing, I made the entire bathroom floor a water play area with water from the sink.

Aki and helmet
Mama probably wouldn't let Aki ride on a tricycle all by herself. She
is wearing a helmet though.

Owen going for a ride
I can pedal a tricycle. I can also steer a tricycle. I can't do both at the same time. Don't worry, I'll get this down by the time I get a cell phone.

Two points!
Later we came inside because it was so hot. I practiced my jump shot.

Owen and Aki being lions
Aki and I pretended to be lions and pretend-scared this other boy. At least, I think he was pretend-scared...

After the fun, we went to the wedding rehearsal. Daddy got us there and changed us in the bathroom to our nice clothes. Again, it's like 95 degrees out here, so nice wasn't necessarily good.

What are you asking for?
Aki met a panhandler on the terrace

Altadena Town & Country Club
Here's the wedding rehearsal. I am rehearsing at the bottom of the grassy hill, out of the picture.

Owen keeping busy before dinner
The rehearsal dinner was back at the hotel where mommy and daddy's friends and family stayed for their wedding. Here I am drawing caricatures of the people. They all look like trains.

Aki enjoying her present
Aki and I got presents. Aki's one was a manual on how to be a good flower girl. She was really into it.

And that was it! We changed clothes back in Aunty Melissa's room and fell asleep on the drive back to Ah Mah's house. That was a fun day. Thanks Daddy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aquarium of the Pacific

On Wednesday we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific with Uncle Steven, Aunty Jeanie, and Cousin Mia. I'd been there before, but I couldn't remember it for some reason. Daddy says it's because it was when we were still living in LA, and I was only 5 months old.

The aquarium was so much bigger (and less penguin smelling) than the one in Boston!

Here fishy, fishy... do you think I have enough bait, daddy?
I brought along my fishing rod to see if I could catch anything.

Big Fish
Here's Aki checking out a fish that's bigger than her

Uncle Steven and Mia
Uncle Steven and Mia. Mia is bigger than me, even though she looks tiny in this picture. Or maybe Uncle Steven is just a giant.

Hermit crab
Hermit crab from my Clumsy Crab book

Nemo! Actually, I'm not quite as into Nemo anymore, but I still liked seeing him here.

Masked diver
I am still very into masked divers, and there were lots of them here!

Aki thinks there are buttons on the board to push
Aki thinks there are buttons on the board to push.

Touching the rays
Touching the manta rays and sharks in this big pool. They were really deep.

Feeding the lorikeet
Then we went to the bird section of the aquarium. Here's daddy feeding the lorikeets.

Mia watching the lorikeets
Mia is staring down the lorikeet.

Lorikeets sitting on the mist nozzles
It must have been hot for them, because they were all sitting on the sprayers

Yay for family!
Yay for family!

Thanks for meeting up with us, Uncle Steven, Aunty Jeanie and Mia!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Travel Town and LA Zoo

On Tuesday we drove up to LA to Travel Town. It was much quieter than Disneyland, but I liked it just as much. Here's why:

Miniature train
The museum was full of trains!

Checking out the engine
And you could climb in them!

Running through an old snack car
And run through them!

Daddy in an old engine
Daddy got in on the fun too. Here he's adjusting the steam pressure.

Mama and Aki on the train
And they had a little train you could ride on. Here's mommy and Aki on the train.

The best part, said daddy, was that it was free! Whatever that means... The best part was clearly the train engines.

After lunch we went to the zoo which was right around the corner. We went to the kids' zoo first, but apparently the zookeepers there close down the kids' zoo when they want to have lunch, so they kicked us out.

Prairie dog
But not before we could see prairie dogs!

Because it was so hot and I was getting sleepy, we just hit the highlights.

Mama gorilla and baby
Mama gorilla and baby. No Ergo!

Long necked deer. Did I mention I love deer?

Chimps having their snack and people watching
Chimps having snack time. They were totally signing to the keepers for snack.

Two days, three kids' parks... I think I love LA!