Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Phoebe!
Last weekend, we had a birthday party for me at the Children's Discovery Center.

Peeking into the cake
Mommy ordered the Rainbow Cake for me from Saint Germain's Bakery. Here's me peeking to look at the Dora decorations on the cake.

Little crown
Mommy made me this birthday shirt to wear and Aunty Leng got me this birthday crown hair clip from Thailand!

Bigger crown
When the party started, everyone made party crowns to wear. Mommy helped me with mine.

Aki and pals
After we played in the museum for a while, we took a break for pizza!

Blowing out candles using the from-above technique
Then I got to blow out another set of candles for my birthday. This time, I almost burned my mouth!

Sampling the frosting while the adults aren't looking
Owen and me sampling the frosting while the adults aren't looking.

Aki not waiting for her cake to be cut
Can you tell I really liked the cake.

Owen enjoyed the cake
Owen did too!

After more playing in the museum and naps, we went to Grandma and Kung Kung's house for dinner. I got to open my birthday presents.

Owen as Minnie
Owen thought it would be fun to dress up in the Minnie Mouse costume Cassidy and Shayna got me.

Aki as Minnie Mouse
But I think I look better in it. What do you think?

The Food Post

While Aunty Kathy was here, we took her to sample some of our local fares. Before we went up the North Shore, we stopped to have breakfast at the Farmer's Market.

North Shore Cattle "Loco Moco"
Daddy's breakfast that morning - North Shore Cattle Company's Loco Moco

A few days later, mommy and Aunty Juanita took Aunty Kathy to the Pineapple Room while Owen and I were at school and daddy at work.

Pineapple Room's Loco Moco
Aunty Kathy liked the Pineapple Room's Loco Moco better

Pineapple Room Burger
Aunty Juanita's Pineapple Room Burger

Crispy Calamari Somen Salad at Pineapple Room
Mommy really liked her Crispy Calamari Somen Salad

Sweet Potato Haupia Pie from Gyotaku
Sweet Potato Haupia Pie from Gyotaku

Chili and chicken combo from Zippy's
Famished from Hanauma Bay means Chili and Chicken Combo from Zippy's!

Cocoa Puffs and Sweet Potato Puff from Liliha
Followed by Cocoa Puff and Sweet Potato Turnover from Liliha Bakery

Aunty Kathy treated the whole family to dinner at the original Roy's that night - another birthday dinner for me!

Soft shell crab with ahi roll
Mommy's appetizer - Soft shell crab with ahi roll

Baby Back Ribs
Daddy's appetizer - Asian style baby back ribs

We don't remember what we had for the main course... but I loved my dessert!

Ice cream cookie at Roy's
Ice cream cookie!

Another birthday dessert
And I got another birthday dessert - flourless chocolate cake

Red velvet bread pudding at Roy's
Mommy's dessert that night - Red velvet bread pudding. It was super yummy!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Celebrating my birthday

On my birthday, I wasn't feeling well, so mommy decided to give me a day off from school. Aunty Kathy, mommy, and I didn't do too much that day so I could rest.

For dinner that night, we had dinner at Gyotaku - our favorite Japanese restaurant.

Birthday dinner at Gyotaku
I had Saimin Tempura, and I didn't have to share it with Owen!

Afterwards, we came home for cupcakes!

Cake time!
For my birthday cupcakes, we had to go to three different stores since the first two were sold out of them.

I'm 2!
Getting ready.

Blowing out her candles
Blowing out my candles.

Aki giving mama a kiss
I'm giving mommy a kiss for getting me a MegaBloks Dora set. Did I ever tell you I'm obsessed with Dora?

Ah Mah and Ah Gong sent a LEGO Duplo Thomas set for me. Now I have my very own LEGO Duplo train!

All the Ching family together. And Kathy too.
Group picture. I was too busy trying to put Dora into Diego's snow sled to smile for the camera.

The next day, I felt well enough to go to school.

Everyone blessing me at the morning assembly for my birthday.

Mommy reading Aki and the Fox to Aki's class
Mommy stayed to read "Aki and the Fox" to my class!

Yay, happy birthday to me!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break with Aunty Kathy - North Shore weekend

Aunty Kathy came on the big airplane last week to visit us. She was mommy's college roommate eons ago.

A housewarming present from Aunty Kathy
Aunty Kathy got us a housewarming gift - a photograph of penguins!

The next morning, the adults packed up the car and we headed out early to the farmers market for breakfast. Owen and Aunty Kathy enjoyed the Salmon Fried Rice. Daddy had the Loco Moco. Mommy and I shared a Waffle Dog. Yum!

Afterwards, it was off to the Dole Plantation and the Pineapple Express.

Pineapple family
Aunty Kathy took this picture of our pineapple family.

Ready to ride!

Thanks for lunch, Kathy!
Our lunch stop - Macky's Shrimp Truck

Garlic butter shrimp and coconut shrimp
Yummy Garlic Butter Shrimp and Coconut Shrimp

Digging into some awesome shave ice
Dessert at Aoki's

Owen Feeding Aunty Kathy
Owen and Aunty Kathy with the Hawaiian Delight

Further up along the coast, Daddy and Aunty Kathy stopped off to take these pictures of sea turtles. Too bad, Owen, Mommy, and I missed these since we fell asleep in the back seat.

Honu on the beach

Honu swimming in the ocean

Then we finally made it to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We saw the beautiful canoe pageants and some performances at some villages.

Hawaiian A'li'i
Hawaiian A'li'i

Aotearoa. Owen's preschool class will be singing Maori songs at the school's May Day celebration!

Hula dancer
Hula dancer in the Hawaiian village.

Kalua pig being lifted out of the imu
We had a luau dinner complete with a kalua pig in the imu.

Drinking awesome smoothie
Owen and I also shared an awesome strawberry tropical smoothie.

The highlight of the visit was the show after the luau. Owen and the adults were mesmerized by the pageantry, the music and dancing in the show. It was getting late for me, so I feel asleep on mommy's lap.

That's a lot of torches!
Lots of torches at the end of the show.

Ocean villas at Turtle Bay Resort
We stayed in one of these awesome ocean villas for the night.

We spent the next morning relaxing and swimming in the pool. Aunty Kathy even saw a rare double rainbow!

Double rainbow
Double rainbow at Turtle Bay.

Then after lunch of burgers and french fries at Kua'aina in Haleiwa, we headed home. Next up - my birthday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I am 2

5C - Mar 2010

I'm 2 today! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! I can't sing that song yet. But Happy Birthday to Me!

By the way we just got back from our North Shore visit. More photos on our Flickr page... And eventually one of us will get around to writing that and all our other early March adventures up! Hahaha....