Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Aki and Daddy

Thanks, Daddy for:
-taking swim class with me
-putting me and Owen down to sleep on nights that mommy has class
-changing my poopy diaper for the umpteenth times
-reading to me and Owen
-taking us to playground
-pushing me around in the tricycle

...and most of all, for being the sweetest, most loving daddy in the whole wide world!!!

We love you!
-Aki, Owen, and Mommy

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hickam Airshow

With Owen and I in school, who knows why our parents are still behind in updating the blog. Maybe they're just having way too much fun hiking and swimming without us kids.

Anyway, last weekend daddy took us all to this place called Hickam where there were a TON of planes. Owen and daddy were in heaven looking at all the planes and vehicles on display.

Mommy pushing our stroller down the front ramp
Mommy pushing us down the ramp of the HUGE C-5.

Owen in the cockpit of a HC-130 Hercules
Owen got to play pilot in the cockpit of a HC-130 Hercules.

F-22 Raptors
Cool looking F-22 Raptors.

CH-53 Sea Stallion
Owen and daddy in front of the huge Sea Stallion the coast guard flies to find boats/people in the ocean.

Airport fire truck
Even the Hawaii Fire Truck was there.

F-16 Thunderbirds
If we had stayed longer, we would have seen these planes in the sky! But Owen and I needed our naps.

There are more pictures posted here. Until next time!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Strike a pose

Last weekend, we went to the beach near our house for a fun photo shoot with Aunty Nancy. She took amazing pictures of our family. Here are some of our favorites.

Daddy and Owen
Daddy and Owen

Me with a fistful of sand

Owen covered in sand
Owen was confused why we went to the beach without our swim clothes. He decided it would be fun to put sand all over himself.... silly sandy Owen!

Walking hand in hand
And the four of us walking along the beach.

There are a bunch more great pictures Aunty Nancy took of us here. We had a lot of fun getting photographed. Owen and I wanted to stay at the beach after the photo shoot, but it started raining. Mommy and daddy promised to take us back to the beach again another day. Maybe tomorrow?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day weekend shenanigans

Over the three days Owen and I had off from school, we kept mommy and daddy busy!

First was Braden's Birthday Party, then we went over to Aunty Nancy and Uncle Scott's house for dinner. They live just a few minutes away from us. Owen and I had a great time playing with Dayton and Saige. Thanks, Uncle Scott, for the yummy dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs! Owen and I especially loved the popsicles for dessert.

Silly kids
Here's a picture of us kids being silly before we had to go home. You can see Aunty Nancy and little Addley in the background.

On Sunday, we had a block party! Cassidy, Shayna, and Braden came over to play with us while the parents talked story.

Braden giving Owen a ride
Braden pushing Owen on the tricycle.

Cassidy and Owen playing catch
Cassidy and Owen playing catch.

On Labor Day, we met up with Braden, Uncle Punn, and Aunty Juanita at the beach near them. This was the first time I have been to Kailua Beach. I had a lot of fun playing in the sand. Owen and Braden tried out Uncle Punn's boogie board. I'm not sure if I want to ever try it. It looks hard!

Kailua Beach on Labor Day
Yay for friends!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Birthday Parties

Whoa, it's been a while since we've posted! Sorry for the delay. We have a lot to catch you up on...

Last weekend was Jake's First Birthday party. He actually turned one 2 months ago, but the party was worth the wait! The food was so yummy. Owen and I had seconds of the cake and the yummy soft-serve ice cream. There was a balloon artist who was so talented - he could make anything you ask for.

Whoa, this guy is good!
Owen asked for "Percy"

Aki's yellow elephant balloon art
Yellow elephant for me

Jake's monkey balloon art
And a monkey climbing up a coconut tree for Jake!

There was also a caricature artist who drew cartoons of Owen and me...

Caricatures of Owen playing the ukelele and Aki riding the tricycle
Owen's playing the ukulele and I'm riding the tricycle - our current favorite activities.

Happy Birthday, Jake!
Happy Birthday, Jake! Thanks Aunty Alison and Uncle Joel for inviting us.

Owen's new buddy, Braden, turned 3 over the past weekend. Owen and daddy loved the slip and slide at the party. Mommy and I just watched from the sidelines and enjoyed the yummy food. Braden's Ah Mah made lots of great Thai food.

Braden shooting water at Aki
Braden shooting water at me to cool me off. He has really good aim!

Daddy coming down the slip and slide
Daddy coming down the slip and slide.

Here's a video of the slip and slide. Daddy almost made the whole structure toppled over.

Best buddies
When it was time to cut the cake, Owen insisted on helping Braden with candles.

Happy Birthday, Braden!
Happy Birthday, Braden!

Monday, September 07, 2009

My First Day of School

Can you believe it? I'm old enough to go to school now! Last Monday, I started my first day at Owen and Daddy's preschool. They have a special toddler room for kids my age.

Aki playing in the sand table with new friends
I had a hard time carrying my backpack. It looks heavy, but it just has my crib sheet and blanket for nap time.

Mommy stayed with me for two hours the first day. I had snacks, then I got to play outside. There were lots of fun stuff to do!

Aki playing in the sand table with new friends
I made new friends... here's Jake and Gloria playing in the sand table with me.

Aki loved the water table at school
I also loved the water table.

On the second day of school, daddy dropped me off and I stayed through lunch. It was fun! I also did well on the third day, my first full day. Mommy picked me up after nap time, and I didn't even know she came in until she came by to watch me eat my afternoon snack of edamame. On Thursday, my fourth day at school, mommy dropped Owen and me off before she went into work, and that wasn't such a good day for me. When I realized she was gone, I started crying. Mommy said I was still sobbing when she picked me up after nap time. To help with my transition, I got to bring my favorite pink blacket to school on Friday. Aunty Dee told mommy that I did better on Friday. I think school's fun, but I still miss Mommy and Daddy! Why do they have to work when they can take care of me!