Monday, August 31, 2009

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Last week was the last week of vacation before school started (I started on Thursday, Aki started today). We celebrated vacation's end by going to the zoo 3 times.

First, we all went together with my Boston friends Cassidy and Shayna and their parents Aunty Brooke, Uncle Greg. They moved here too!

Aki and the goat
We petted the goats

Coming down from the stairs
And then climbed out the goat escape hatch

The next weekend, Aki got sick. I don't think it was from the goats. They looked pretty healthy.

Aki getting sick, showing off her laptop
Even though she was sick, she still had fun with her new ultra small laptop!

Because Aki had a fever, we couldn't go to visit people again so we went to visit fishies!

My friend Humu swimming around

Aki still sick
Aki wasn't too happy about the aquarium

Riding the elephant
So we went back to the zoo and she was happier. Here's me riding on an elephant.

This past weekend we went to the zoo again, this time for a birthday party. It was for the hospital daddy worked at last year when we came to Hawaii.

Little hula dancers
We saw hula dancers. I'm bigger than that little girl on the left, but she had the moves!

Meeting Lani Moo
I got to meet Lani Moo. I don't like cow milk. And I didn't like Lani Moo.

Yummy frosting
What I did like was the birthday cupcakes! They're from the bakery of one of daddy's classmates from school.

100th birthday cupcakes
100th birthday cupcakes

Mommy with new tattoo
Mommy got a new tattoo

Braden and me at the zoo
And I even saw my friend Braden, who also just moved to Hawaii with his parents. We kind of dressed the same.

I love the zoo. I even went another time just with daddy a couple of weekends ago, when Aki was sick, and I got to meet a new friend, Aunty Shellie's nephew Kenton. So that's 4 times for me, and lots of fun for us! Maybe mommy and daddy can be more creative next time we're on vacation?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ko Olina Staycation

Last weekend Aunty May came to visit Hawaii with some of her family and they invited us to hang out with them at their hotel. Let me just say, probably the most fun we've ever had!

Aki loved the pool
We loved the pool. The shallow part was big enough for Aki to walk around and splash in.

Shave ice is yummy after swimming
After swimming we had shave ice

Relaxing in our private cabana
And Aunty Nam got us this great little tent for us to hide from the sun in

Later that night Uncle Rusty and Uncle Charles cooked food for us and we had a barbecue.

Dancing for the stars
Afterwards, we were the dancing entertainment

Sunset right before green flash
But we couldn't compare to the sunset!

Yesterday they invited us back again, and we stayed overnight. In the morning, this is what we saw!

Rainbow after sunrise
Rainbow on the water

Rainbow after sunrise
Actually it was more glowy like this one

We had a great mini-vacation with Aunty May and her family. Mommy, can we go again next weekend? Thanks everyone!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last day of summer school=the beginning of vacation

Last weekend we had our first playdate over at our house. Our friends from last year, Dayton and Saige, came over and they brought a new friend with them, Baby Addley.

Our above ground pool
Swimming in our above ground pool

Saige and Owen
Eating oranges Daddy picked off the neighbor's tree

To celebrate the end of summer school this week, we went to Sea Life Park with my school.

Owen's class
"Listening" to the teacher

Owen with turtle food
Turtle food

Aki feeding turtles
Aki got to feed the turtles too

Dolphin show
I liked the dolphin show. Now whenever I see dolphins in my books, I say, "Dolphin show!"

Then came the first day of vacation...

On Friday we went to the Children's Discovery Museum. That's like the Children's Museum, the Museum of Science, and the Acton Discovery Museums combined into one. It was great!

I got to ride on pretty much every mode of transportation, including planes, cars, bicycles...

Train driver
A train

Youngest solo circumnavigator?
A boat

Owen driving TheBus
And TheBus!

You will find out what this does very soon, Owen
Later, we went to get my eyes checked in a different part of the museum

Aki practicing her swing
While Aki practiced her swing under the Hawaii Winter Baseball posters

After the museum, we met up with my buddy Braden and his parents for lunch and then we went over to the shopping center to help build some giant surfboards out of Lego...

Building blocks to go into big surfboards at Ala Moana
Building little blocks into bigger blocks

And finally it was swim school and time for our graduation!

Owen and Aunty Janna
Me and my teacher

Aki getting her swimming medal
Aki getting her medal

Summer's going to be great!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

School and More Fun

Last week I was pretty busy so I didn't get a chance to post what I've been doing. Here's the update:

In school last week we finished our ocean hats and got to wear them at assembly time.

Owen the Opihi
I was the `opihi.

Then we went to Braden's house for dinner and a little floor hockey.

"Eating" with Braden
Here we are "eating" our dinners.

The next day was the weekend. We went out to Kung Kung's favorite garden, the Halawa Xeriscape Garden. I liked it too!

Feral piglets at Halawa Xeriscape Garden
We got to see some baby pigs come out of the mountains

Ball of worms
And mommy adopted some worms

Plus I got more tattoos and other free stuff. I also got to pick out a plant for our garden.

Later we went to Aunty Marcy and Uncle Mike's wedding party. There was a long line to meet them, just like Mickey Mouse!

Aki waiting patiently in the reception line
Aki waited patiently in line.

This week has been like last one. More school, and more swim school, my favorite!

Aki and the shark
Here's Aki waiting for her turn to go into the water

Owen jumping
I learned how to fence jump in the water

Owen and Aki sitting in little adirondack chairs
Relaxing after swim class

Finally, we went to another free concert on Wednesday. It was with a great singer Natalie Ai Kamauu. She played the ukulele!

Aki stuffing face
Aki enjoyed the popcorn

Natalie Ai Kamauu concert
And the singing was great too!

Yay for friends, pigs, worms, swimming and music!