Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ah Mah's Back! With Presents!

Grandma's back from Thailand!
Who you looking at?

On Sunday, Ah Mah (mommy's mama) came back from Thailand and India. She stayed with me for the first week after I came home from the hospital, and then she went away for a month. She was very excited to see me. She came straight from the airport without even going home! And I was excited to see her too. I was smiling the whole time she was talking Thai to me. It sounded funny.

Ah Mah said that it was time for a haircut. It's a Chinese tradition, apparently. I thought she was going to shave my dome bald, but actually she only cut a little piece. Then Ah Gong (mommy's dad) cut a little piece. Then daddy cut a big piece. Mommy cut a piece too, and finally Uncle Nick got a bit of my hair. It took me a long time to grow that!

Me getting my hairs cut!

After my haircut
After my haircut. They didn't really cut that much. It just looks like it because my hair was wet.

Ah Mah brought me lots of presents back from my family in Thailand. I like the books in Thai that Aunty Yim bought for me. Some other day I'll have to put up some pictures of me reading the books. They're funny. I also got a few pieces of fancy gold jewelry. Too bad my ankles are so fat that the anklets don't fit me. Aunty has to exchange them for me when she goes back to Thailand next month.

Baby bling
Check it out!

Baby bling

All in all, I was very happy to see Ah Mah, and she promised to come visit again this weekend. Maybe I will get more bling.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

More development

Yesterday we had plans for the evening so we stayed in and rested during the day. But instead of sleeping, I had something else in mind. Since it was daddy's day off, I showed him some of the tricks I've been working on this week.

I've been smiling a lot more especially since mommy got me this portable gym that goes over my recliner. This way I don't have to get up to sleep, go to the bathroom, or exercise. This, I'm very happy about!

Heads up!
I've also been working on raising my head. We've been practicing the tummy time, and now I can raise my noggin about halfway up. It's hard though! My cheeks are so big and heavy they weigh me down. And it takes all my concentration. That's why I have cross eyes in this shot. Or maybe it's because I was pooping too. I don't remember.

Shaking that thing
I can also shake a rattle now. I mean, I can unclench my fist for good periods of time now, and if someone puts something in my open hand, I grab down on it. Like this rattle for example. Daddy put it in my hand, and I couldn't get it out so I was shaking it all over the place.

A video of me shaking the rattle... I'm not happy because I can't get it out of my hand!

I stayed up all day showing daddy these tricks. That night, we went out to Aunty Jen's birthday party, but because I'd been up all day, it was so hard to stay awake at night! Even though the restaurant was noisy, I snored through the whole dinner. Mommy said that everyone told me I was cute, and I wish I'd been awake to talk to all the young ladies...

Aunty Jen's birthday!
Yeah, I was the center of attention of all these pretty girls. Tough to be me!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Growth spurts

I'm 7 weeks old today and growing like a weed! To celebrate, mommy took me out shopping for new clothes! Actually, first she went shopping for herself. When we got to the grownup clothes store, I told her what I thought of that idea. I was grumpy at first, but she wasn't taking the hint. So I amped up the volume until she gave up and took me to Babies 'R' Us. I was much happier there. Now I have some bigger boy clothes! Maybe tomorrow I'll model some for you.

My growth so far
Shout out to the peds!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The First Person I Ever Met and the Farmer's Market

With mommy's doctor
Today mommy took me to visit her doctor. Daddy came over from work to see him too. I was sleeping for most of the visit, but then she introduced me to him, and I remembered where I'd seen him before...

I had been sleeping peacefully in my dark, warm, and wet room, like every day for the last 8 months. Then out of nowhere came this very hard pressure, pushing on my butt and my head and trying to turn me around. I didn't like that at all.

Then after a short rest, the roof of my room opened up to the sky, and there was light, and this guy looking at me, like, "Aha! We have you now!" That was a rough day. I cried then too, and I cried today remembering what I went through that day.

I wants some melon
Well, after a little while though, we went away, and we took a stroll through a street with lots of people selling colorful fruits and veggies.

Farmer's market
I was sleepy after my flashback, so I missed out on the scenery. Whatever, I can't eat this stuff yet anyway.

Fractal cauliflower
Still, there was some cool stuff to see. This is called a "Romanesco cauliflower". Daddy was very excited to see it, but I'm not so sure what he was so excited about. It looks painful. I thought the purple "graffiti" and orange "cheddar" cauliflowers were prettier.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More gymtime and my second day of school

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
After daddy left for "work" today, I couldn't go back to sleep. So I went to work out at my gym. As soon as I got there, I noticed this shiny window that I hadn't seen before. And on the other side of it was this really, really good looking baby! I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out who he could be. He was really interested in me too, but I couldn't find him after the workout.

AP Chemistry lesson
After my workout, mommy and I went back to school again. After my performance at my chemistry lesson last week, Cece decided that I was ready for AP Chemistry. I didn't even need to take the placement test. Who cares if I'm just starting to coo! I'm going to learn about Gibbs Free Energy! I think it has something to do with naptime.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Mulholland Drive

On a clear day...
Today Mommy and Daddy took me on another hike out under the big blue sky. The wind was cold, but I was bundled up in the baby carrier so I stayed nice and warm.

Daddy and me looking out over the Valley
Here's me and Daddy looking at the little houses in the "valley." We were supposed to go up to some kind of mountain peak, but Mommy and Daddy didn't read the directions to see where to go! We ended up walking the wrong way. Oh well, Mommy and Daddy saw lots of nice views anyway.

And some pretty flowers on the road.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rodeo, Drive that is

Today mommy and daddy wanted to exchange a present someone had gotten me, so we went to a place called "Rodeo Drive" in Beverly Hills. I was hoping there would be some cowboys and lassos but no luck. It was just stores and people with fancy strollers.

One of our first stops was at this store, called "Neiman Marcus," where they wanted to exchange the present. Where's the glamor here? I thought this was supposed to be Beverly Hills!

After that we went to Il Cono, for a snack. It was a cold day, and mommy explained that we were going to have a cold treat. So crazy huh?

There were lots of flavors of treats, but daddy wouldn't let me look at them.

Mommy said we had to pay before they would give us some, and there was a long line. One grownup started blowing smoke out of his mouth and that made me cough. So inconsiderate! Daddy took me outside and we went to the other side of the restaurant.

Here's where we sat. I was so excited for the food, but mommy and daddy once again told me I would have to sit and watch them eat. Another chance for yummy food spoiled. Mommy gave me dinner later on though, and I think I could taste the rice pudding gelato in the milk.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A rainy day

It was raining today so we stayed in to watch the Olympics. I think we're watching ice hockey here. What a slow game! I went to sleep so that I could watch curling later.

Aunty Missy and Aunty Michelle came by to check me out. I liked when they were holding me.

Yep. Still sleeping. I hope they will come back at 4 am when I can't sleep.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Today I took mommy out to lunch with Aunty Jen. While Jen was getting ready, she let me hang out with her kitty, Bailey, who was very curious about me. Very cute, huh? And the cat's not bad looking either ;)

The grownups said they had lots of yummy food for lunch, which I missed out on again. I had to wait until the evening to have some with mommy's milk. Whatever she ate for lunch, I didn't like. I barfed more than I've ever spit up before. It was all over mommy! She couldn't even move, she was so shocked! I felt much better afterwards--I was smiling from ear to ear with my milk all over my face. I liked the leftover Valentine's Day steak milk I had later much better, thank you very much.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My first day of school

Mommy took me to school today to visit some people she used to work with. There were so many kids who were much bigger than me who came to say hi to mommy and me. Mommy also introduced me to many teachers at the school. Good thing I was on my best behavior today.

Elizabeth and Gina meeting me for the first time.

Later, when mommy had a meeting with another teacher, Melissa and Leigh gave me my first Chemistry lesson.

I was so tired from the day's activities that I went to sleep on Leigh's shoulder just as she was showing me what chemistry problems I have do in the book for homework. I can't wait for my second lesson next week.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

To all my girls out there, Happy Valentine's Day!

Mommy made me this onesie for Valentine's Day. Very chic, eh? I was sad because I hadn't thought to get mommy anything, but Daddy wrote down what I had to say to mommy on a card, and we gave it to her this evening. It made her so happy!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Noodles and my first Book Club

Yesterday morning, mommy and daddy took me out to meet Ah Gong (my mommy's dad) and Uncle Nick. We were supposed to go to the Chinese Temple in Chinatown but because of the Firecracker 10K Run, the police had closed the road so we couldn't get there. Too bad. Ah Gong decided that we should go out for noodles instead. The food looked so good, I wanted to have some. Mommy said she would make some for me later.

Later, mommy met up with the girls for Book Club, and I decided to tag along. They were discussing A Million Little Pieces. I'm not sure what all the hoo hah is all about, but everyone seems to have a lot to say about the book. I was so tired from being dragged place to place that I passed out on the floor.

Later when I woke up, Jen, Katie, and Erin took turns holding me. See how comfortable I was in Erin's arms? Maybe Erin should come hold me every day since I've been fussy lately.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My first hike

Yesterday we went hiking out in Altadena. Because it was such a hot day, I had to drag daddy's butt up the stream to the waterfall, but he agreed it was worth it in the end.

This was my first waterfall. It was really pretty.

Mommy packed lunch for me, and it was a good thing, because we were all hungry by the time we got to the waterfall.

I was pooped after a long walk and a long lunch.

I can't believe you made it, Daddy!

The grownup told these kids it was safe to drink the water from the stream because his mommy told him if the water goes over three rocks, it's clean. Daddy said he didn't think that was right. Later, the younger guy climbed up and was drawing on the walls of the canyon with a yellow pen. Daddy said he hopes he goes to the bathroom as often as I do tonight.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Leaky Diapers 2: The Car Seat

Uncle Owen Wants You

Now that grandpa and grandma are gone, and daddy's at work, mommy's been taking me walking by herself. Yesterday we went to the grown up food store, and I was so relaxed. I slept all the way walking there and home. Since it was a nice day, when we got home, mommy just left me in my convertible with the top down. Unfortunately someone didn't put my pants on right, and when I came out for lunch, I left some of my poop in the car seat! I was so embarrassed! Not for myself, mind you, but for my over-educated parents who can't seem to put my diaper on right every time. So instead of napping with me in the afternoon, mommy had to figure out how to take off the upholstery in my wheels.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dinner out

Last night it was mommy and daddy's friend's "birthday" (whatever that means). I took mommy and daddy to her surprise party at Dave & Buster's. The nice people let me park my car at the head of the table, so I got to see everyone at once. Daddy had ribs, mommy had a salad, and I had the breastmilk, my usual vintage.

I just ate a little and now I'm happy. You grownups can continue what you were doing.

I smell onions on Daddy's breath. Or is it the ribs?

Let's go play some video games! I saw them on the way to the bathroom!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Red Envelope

Uncle Oli and Aunty Uyen gave me a red envelope when they came to visit last week. I think this was because I am so cute (especially when I am flaring my nostrils like a little doggie).

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Poopy face

Not much going on lately. Daddy's giving me some of his milk every morning around 4 while mommy sleeps. Other than that, I'm pretty much attached to mommy. All this eating is making me look like this a lot.

Monday, February 06, 2006

One month old

Growing Baby.

I'm one month old today! This is what I looked like every week or so up til now.

I seem to like lying with my head this way. Daddy says I'm going to have a flat spot if I don't get tummy time, but I don't care. The hair will cover it.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

XL Party

This afternoon we went to mommy and daddy's friend's house for a party. There was some kind of big deal game going on, and daddy was excited to see it on his friend's fancy television.

An interesting thing happened at the party though. I met another baby for the first time. And she was a girl! She was a month older than me, and she definitely looked it. Daddy told me later that she was about 50% bigger than me.

Mommy put me down on the sofa next to her, and everyone was looking at us like they hadn't seen a baby before. We both started flailing our arms to catch the other's attention, but instead, we ended up hitting each other. Anyway, it's okay--I think she's cute. I hope daddy got her number for me.

The "other" baby. She's wearing socks on her hands.

Our parents have a similar taste in car seats

Daddy said this has something to do with my middle name