Wednesday, December 31, 2008

20 Pictures from 2008

We just got back from our trip to New York, but before we update you on that, we want to wish you all a Happy New Year! I'm going to be 3, Aki's going to be 1, and mommy and daddy will still be old.

The year began with me, the only child, turning 2.

Blowing out candles
I blew out the candles on my Nemo cake.

New big boy bed
I got a new bed. Sadly that laptop did not stay in my room.

Playing in the snow
It was cold and snowy in the beginning of the year.

Then a few months in, something happened.

Phoebe on the operating table
Aki came along. I wasn't the only child anymore.

Not too much changed for me at first.

Checking out storytime
It did get warmer eventually.

Window seat please
Then we went to San Francisco for a big fat Chinese wedding.

The aunties and babies at Harvard Square
Aunties came to visit.

I can soothe myself now. Sometimes.
Aki got bigger.

Running away from the cold water
And Daddy went to his college reunion. I think I had more fun than he did.

By the time the weather really got nice, we took off for Hawaii.

Aki in the water at Sandys
Aki touched the ocean at Sandy's.

Ah Gu and Mommy enjoying the shave ice
Ah Gu, Ah Gong, and Ah Mah came to visit us there. Here we are having shave ice at Waiola's.

I can sit up now
Aki learned to sit up about when we got back.

It got cold again a little while later.

Synchronized somersaults
We went off to Storyland for Daddy's birthday. Ronak and his grown-ups came along too.

Aki found something to drink
Aki learned how to crawl backwards.

Owen is giving Aki a back rub
We had Halloween.

Is someone touching my head?
Ah Gu came to visit us in Boston.

Aki with MOMS Club Santa
Aki met Santa. I stayed home.

Aki Wrinkly Smile
Aki learned to be super cute.

Getting ready to sled
It started snowing again.

Highlight of Owen's day: the eggs
And we went to New York City and hatched out of eggs.

We had a great 2008! Happy New Year! See you in 2009!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka!

I hope everyone had a fun day opening presents and eating yummy foods! Aki and I sure had fun opening our mountain of presents from all the aunties, uncles, and Santa. We're off for a few days on an adventure, and we'll see you when we get back!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Last weekend when we were trapped by the snow, we had to do some indoor things too. Daddy looked in the toddler activity book and decided to make me some oobleck! I'd played with oobleck at the Museum of Science before, but I never thought we could have made it at home!

We mixed up some cornstarch and water until it got to be just right. Then...

Playing with oobleck
Pouring out the oobleck onto my tray

Playing with oobleck
Is it liquid? Is it solid?

Playing with oobleck
Is it food?

No, oobleck is not food. Oobleck is also not easy to clean up, as daddy found out. Next time, he said we do oobleck outdoors.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blizzard of December

It was pretty nice when Daddy left for work on Friday.

Longwood Station before the snow, 12/19/08 12 pm
Here's the train station when he got to work

But while he was at work, it started snowing. They canceled all his work so he came home after only a couple of hours.

Longwood Station in the snow, 12/19/08 2:30 pm
Here's the train station when he left work

When he got home, we had to go play outside in the snow...

Sledding in the dark
Me and mommy sledding in the dark

Aki can't do too much in the snow but look cute
Aki can't do much in the snow but look cute

On Saturday we had to do some shoveling.

Owen clearing the sidewalk
Here I am with my blue shovel, ready to work!

Daddy helped me shovel out the car then we went for a walk through the snow.

Walking through the snow is hard work
Walking through the snow is hard work

It was still snowing today so we couldn't go anywhere but outside again.

Another snow angel
It was still fun to play in the snow

Mommy's snowman
Mommy even made a snowman

Snow accumulated on the AC
It snowed a lot this weekend!

Hopefully I can go to school tomorrow!

Monday, December 15, 2008

More gingerbreads

We were invited to Auntie Joy and Uncle Carl's Gingerbread Build-off on Sunday. In prepation for the event, mama and daddy spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend baking. Here are some pictures of their creations.

Ukulele to be cut and baked
Daddy wanted to make a gingerbread ukulele. Here it is in the dough - to be cut and baked.

Mama making gingerbread men
Mama making gingerbread men.

Owen and daddy making holiday cookies
Big brother Owen also wanted in on the fun too. He and daddy helped each other make holiday cookies. Owen had fun punching out the shapes. He said it's just like doing play-doh.

Holiday cookies before glazing
Holiday cookies before glazing. 

Holiday cookies after glazing
Holiday cookies after glazing.

Daddy's gingerbread ukulele
Daddy's finished gingerbread ukulele.

Mama's gingerbread house and its model
Mama's gingerbread house and its cardboard model. Mama is very proud of her first gingerbread house made from scratch.

Aki trying to eat her shoe
While the rest of the family were busy in the kitchen, I was busy entertaining myself and eating my shoes. Maybe mommy and daddy need to pay more attention to me instead of baking. By the way, happy nine-month birthday to me!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread at Peabody Essex Museum

Saturday morning, we took a long drive in the morning. I fell asleep as usual, and when I woke up, we were at this big museum

Gingerbread Making with Culinary Arts from North Shore CC
There were a bunch of people working on a big house.

Giant gingerbread house
Giant gingerbread house.

Interiors in the gingerbread house
The inside of the house.

After we admired the big house for awhile, the people gave us some gingerbread cookies to decorate. 

Daddy Helping Owen Make Gingerbread Man
Daddy helped Owen make gingerbread men. 

Owen and Gingerbread Men
Owen and the gingerbread men.

3 matching off-the-charts hand-knitted sweaters
While we had lunch, daddy spotted a family with matching sweaters.
I think he's trying to hint that mama should knit us matching sweaters. I don't think I want a sweater that matches daddy and Owen.

Owen and mama also did some painting with watercolor and salt to make snowflakes.

Watercolor with salt
Watercolor with salt.

I got to check out art with daddy.

Antarctic Explorer--Darkness to Lightness, 2007
Antarctic Explore - Darkness to Lightness by Nathalie Miebach.

Giant Origami Penguin
We saw this giant origami penguin.

Aki Contemplating Orca Tooth
And I played with an Orca's tooth.

Maybe next time, I'll get to explore more of the museum on my own!