Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing catch-up, Part 3 - Christmas 2011

For our winter break, Uncle Nick and Aunty Michaela came to visit all the way from Aspen... where we were told is covered with snow.

Owen's first time on ice skates.
We took them ice skating... or rather... Uncle Nick and Aunty Michaela helped us learned the ropes since it was our first time on the ice.

Aunty Michaela helping Aki
I took a few spins around the little rink... but it was too COLD!

Kids' first time up Diamond Head
We hiked up Diamond Head...

Top of Diamond Head with rainbow
... and saw a rainbow at the top!

Perfect sunset
We went to Ko Olina and saw this perfect sunset.

Getting ready to go on the Pineapple Express
The next day, we took the Pineapple Express...

Our favorite shave ice
.... had garlic shrimp at Macky's followed by shave ice at Aoki's.

Owen and Aunty Michaela crafting a lauhala fish
We spent the afternoon at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Aki and Owen with their Santa note and snack
Came back home just in time to leave snacks for Santa and write him a note.

Christmas Chaos
We opened lots of presents.

Bye Uncle Nick and Aunty Michaela
And have to say good bye to Uncle Nick and Aunty Michaela.

We had so much fun with you both. See you again soon!

Playing catch-up, Part 2 - December 2011

Although lots happened in December and over our winter break, the highlight was having 2 sets of visitors at our house.

First, Uncle Matt, Aunty Thida, Maia, and Lily came to stay with us. Aunty Thida brought us lots of goodies from Trader Joe's - a place that mama desperately misses from the mainland. 

Aunty Thida helping Maia with Gingerbread man
One of the things she brought was a Gingerbread Man kit for each of us. 

Fun with Gingerbread men
We had so much fun decorating them.

Aunty Thida also got us "super" outfits.

Super kids
We look so cool in our matching green cape and masks.

Maia enjoying her pineapple slush from Hank's Haute Dogs.

UCLA Peds Mini-Reunion
Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lynne couldn't stay away from the fun...

Yay for Hawaii!
We miss you already. See you this summer!

Playing catch-up, Part 1 - Thanksgiving 2011

Now that mama has a little time off work, it's time to back log our activities from the end of 2011. You may have also noticed the new layout. Mama thought our blog needed a new look for the new year. You can choose the "view" you like best... ranging from classic to snapshot to sidebar. Hope you like it!

Thanksgiving means Daddy's Good Eats Turkey. This year, he made some minor changes to the recipe but it was still tasty! We forgot to take a picture of the turkey before it was carved. Too hungry, I think.

Thanksgiving table
Our Thanksgiving table... lots of onolicious food.

The front
Owen showed off his Wampanoag costume for his "Pilgrims and Indians" banquet at school.

Owen's Wampanoag costume
Here's the back.

Thanksgiving 2011
Thanksgiving means family and filled-bellies.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Owen!

It's hard to imagine that only 6 short years ago, I was born. This is what I looked like for the first few months.

Twelve Weeks of Owen

Then I turned 1:

I love my lunch

And 2:

It's my party, and I'll smile if I want to


Must wear crown again...


Owen and Aki in Papa Lehua


Perplexus the robot

and now 6!
Owen with growth chart
Well, 5 years and 364 days in this picture anyway.

Happy birthday to me!