Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Playdate with Ronak

Today, Ronak came over to play with me after naptime while his mommy studied for her class. We played with trains, made music, and had fun with playdoh.


Here's a video of us playing to my favorite song, "Q U".

Afterwards, we had a yummy dinner of stir-fried noodles that mama made and blueberries with vanilla yogurt for dessert. I also showed Ronak my new big boy bed. We had fun climbing in and out of bed and pretending to sleep. Maybe Ronak and I can have a sleep over sometime.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Today, mommy and daddy took me to the IKEA. I got to pick out a new big boy bed and sheets (under the sea themed, of course). I also came home with a new sea turtle friend, Mr. "Orange Crush".

I really liked the bed in the store. When I got home, though, I had my nap, ate my snack, and when I went back upstairs, Daddy had almost finished putting the bed together! When he was done, and Mommy put on the sheets, I was kind of leery.

Are you sure this matches my bedroom?

Can I stand further away?
Can I stand further away from this? Orange Crush, protect me!

I was also saying it was scary and telling Daddy to take my friends off the bed. Daddy was a little worried, but then after the snowplow came outside to distract me, and I made a very large doodoo, I was fine. Watching ukulele videos on the computer helped too.

New big boy bed
Let's see if I can stay in big boy bed all night.

Mommy said for every night I sleep in my new big boy bed, she'll give me a Nemo sticker to put on my wall. How cool is that?!!

Oddly enough, since Daddy's been reading the comics to me lately, this whole week's Stone Soup was about big boy beds.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy MLK Day!

On Saturday we went to a birthday party at Emerson's house. Happy Birthday, Emerson! I was a year older than her for 10 whole days!

Birthday girl
The birthday girl with her birthday handcuffs

Yummy cake!
Little Mermaid cake

Daddy had to work so he couldn't come celebrate. Then he was going to catch the big train out to meet us, but he chickened out.

On Sunday, it was extra super cold, so we went to the aquarium again. I saw lots more stuff, including more masked divers. For lunch we went to Wagamama again, but too bad it wasn't open until noon like just about everything else in Boston. We had half an hour to kill but it went by pretty quick. Here's some of the things we did:

Two dozers
Two dozers outside Wagamama. The one in back looked kind of familiar.

Larry Bird's shoes
Sizing up Larry Bird's shoes

Red Auerbach's ball
Trying to steal Red Auerbach's ball

You can tell it was really cold because I let daddy put on my mittens and my hood.

Today we went out to have lunch at Ronak's house just because. And it was MLK Day so daddy and Ronak's daddy were off!

Soft soft
Sometimes Ronak likes to pet my head

Mommy reading us Barney
Mommy read us a book about a dino

Ronak and I ran around like crazy people until daddy broke up the party so that I could go nap. Party pooper! Anyway, Happy MLK Day everyone!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week in Dinos Review

Hi everyone, it's been a busy week so I haven't gotten around to updating for a while. Sorry.

On Sunday we went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History again. Now that I'm a little more aware of these "dinos," I spent some more time in the dino room.

This is a big fishie
This one is a big fishie

More construction
Here they are excavating for dinos outside the museum

On Monday it snowed hard. Daddy came home late from work so I didn't get to go outside and play. Instead, the snow came inside for me!

Snow in the roasting pan
Digging the snow

Snow on the carpet
Trying to recreate the snow covered ground inside.

That was the end of snow play downstairs so we brought it upstairs to the bathtub. Oh so cold on my feet!

On Tuesday, daddy had some time so we went out to shovel the walk.

Outside snow
I did a good job with the sidewalk, huh?

Wednesday was our Stroller Fit birthday party for the January babies. That's me, Andrew, and Emmy.

Birthday kids
I'm the birthday prince. Emmy wouldn't wear her crown.

Thursday, daddy's lectures were canceled so he came out to the Museum of Science with us.

Brushing off the dinos
Here I am brushing the dust off of some dinos I discovered.

Then we saw a real movie. Sharks in 3-D!

Sharks in 3D!
You are 3-D

On Friday we went to the Atrium mall to look at the new playroom, which has been under renovation all winter. Here's the old Atrium playspace.

While I was playing there, mommy spotted someone familiar walking by the window. It was Ronak back from India! He, Aunty Sarita and Uncle Sameer joined us in the playspace.

Ronak and I checking out the new playspace
Rowing the boat

Going for a plane ride
"1-2-3 blastoff"!

What a week! Oh, and today was Emerson's birthday, but I have to save that one for later...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday with Daddy

Yesterday Daddy took me to the aquarium so mommy could rest and recover from a bug she's caught. It's been a while since we've done this kind of thing, and daddy was stressed about it, especially since I wanted to take the train.

We got there fine. It's been a long time since I've been to the aquarium, and I don't think I'd seen Nemo before, so it was like everything was new.

First stop was the top of their giant reef tank for fish feeding.

Looking into the tank
Looking down into the tank

You couldn't see too much from the top so we went down below.

My favorite spot
I staked out a spot by one of the windows

Lots of stuff went by.

"Mask" diver
Like "mask"! (also known as the guy who caught Nemo)

And we got to watch Myrtle the gigantic turtle taking a nap in front of us. She wedged herself into the fake coral and didn't move for like 10 minutes.

Myrtle the Turtle waking up from her nap
Myrtle waking up

Later we went down to climb on Crush and look at the anacondas. The baby anacondas weren't out though.

Climbing on Crush
Climbing on Crush

Lunch was yummy

Then we saw a little more, like the Nemo tank for instance.


One of the best things about the aquarium was looking at this little bulldozer.

Little dozer
Little dozer

By the time we left, I was getting sleepy. This is the last thing I remember before waking up at home...

Drummer in front of Faneuil Hall
D is for Drums

I had a fun time in the city with Daddy, and wouldn't you know it, mommy felt better when we got home. Yay day out!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Birthday Celebration

On my birthday, I woke up extra early, so I got to go downstairs to open presents. Actually there was only one present because I'd opened all my birthday presents at Christmas. Oh well, it's not like I don't get presents all the time anyway.

Pooh balls
Aunty Ying and Uncle Ryan had sent me Pooh balls. Lots of fun!

Then, in honor of my 2nd birthday, which is the age when the American Academy of Pediatrics says kids can start watching TV, I went to the movies! Actually we went to a concert at a movie theater, where I got to see a guy playing a guitar. That was an acceptable alternative.

And then they showed movies! Of books! Chicka chicka, boom boom!

After lunch at my favorite Thai place, I went home for an early nap. When I woke up, it was party time. Mommy planned a big party at a place called Kids U.

They have a big play structure, with tunnels and lots of fun slides.

Juh ay Peekaboo

Swinging smile
And swings

After playing on the big play structure, we went into the gym for more playing.

It's my party, and I'll smile if I want to
Me and the parachute. What are you doing over there?

Then more climbing and running!

Climbing is fun
Celia chasing me over the foam pads

Later the grownups tried to get us to line up for a picture. This is what happened.

The lineup
Group picture of 12 little kids. This is the best one. Funny, huh? What were the grownups thinking?

After picture time, it was dinner and cake time! Everyone sang me Happy Birthday and then they brought this out!

Cake on fire

Actually, it didn't look quite like that. Uncle Sameer took a picture, but daddy didn't turn on the flash, so this is what happened. Here's my cake.

Blowing out candles
Look familiar? I know I've seen this before.

Cake was good
I liked the cake

I am two. Joop Joop.
But I liked DoryNemo more

Then it was back home, and time to open presents!

Lots of wrapping paper
There was lots of wrapping paper to tear

My new chair
Sketching out my plans for next birthday

Thanks for a great birthday, mommy and daddy! (Daddy says it was mostly mommy) And thanks for all the presents and everyone who came to my party, both here and in LA!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Two is the New One

In honor of my being 24 months old, here are some 24 highlights from last year.

  1. First, I turned 1
  2. CIMG0719

  3. First year, first real haircut. Still not happy about that one.
  4. CIMG0818

  5. Snowman from a big snowstorm in the winter
  6. DSC_2750

  7. I learned to walk
  8. DSC_2799

  9. I learned to do this too
  10. CIMG1573

  11. I broke out of jail and went to the Museum of Science, where I spent a lot of time this year
  12. CIMG1192

  13. We found eggs outside our front door
  14. DSC_2856

  15. I visited the "ER" for the first (and not last) time
  16. CIMG1296

  17. Spring came
  18. CIMG1591

  19. I was on TV in the Children's Museum
  20. CIMG1783

  21. Then it got hot
  22. CIMG1855

  23. So we went west. Not too far.
  24. DSC_3007

  25. Then we went south. Farther, but not too far.
  26. CIMG2387

  27. Ah Mah came, and I had a nice haircut. My hair was this long before!
  28. DSC_3113

  29. We visited Mia, who shared a nice roar with us, and Uncle Steven shared his mole man
  30. CIMG2636

  31. We went to Hawaii, and I had shave ice. It was hot.
  32. CIMG2833

  33. Ah Gu came, we went on a trip, and I got a boat
  34. CIMG3239

  35. Aunty Leng and Uncle Dennis came to make me Korean BBQ
  36. PA080011

  37. I became a lion
  38. PA300016

  39. We found a little tree and hung toys on it
  40. DSC_3520

  41. I turned 2 (almost)
  42. PC150042

  43. We went to a happy place
  44. PC170338

  45. It got cold again
  46. DSC_3528

  47. And of course, I got a ukulele
  48. DSC_3927

Oh, and we also went to Newport, Providence, Maine, Amhearst, and Montreal. We were busy this year! Happy birthday, me!