Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween Recap

A few days before Halloween, I helped Owen, mommy, and daddy decorate the pumpkins we picked out from the farmers market. Mommy got us a "Lite Brite" kit from the store that was perfect for Owen and me.

Aki helping Owen with pumpkin
I helped Owen pound the pegs into his pumpkin.

Owen decorating his pumpkin
Owen making star designs on his pumpkin.

Owen's Lite-Brite Jack O' Lantern
Owen's pumpkin lit up. Pretty cool, huh?

Screamer Jack o' lantern
After dinner, mama carved this scary one.

One Halloween Day, we had a big party to celebrate. Too bad mommy and daddy didn't get around to taking pictures during the party.

Wall-E exploring the back yard
Owen and I dressed up as WALL-E and EVE. I didn't feel like wearing my EVE hat.

Wall-E costume
Owen in his full WALL-E gear. Owen even has HAL the roach on the front of his costume.

Braden, Owen, and Aki
After the party and naptime, we got all dressed up again to go trick-or-treating with Owen's buddy, Braden who dressed up as a dinosaur.

Aki inspecting her loot
Here I am inspecting my loot. Mama let me have some SweetTarts and Dum-Dums. But I think my favorites are Skittles and M&M's.

Funny enough, when Owen and I woke up the next day... all of our candy were gone. Did the candy fairy take it all away?

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Uncle JT said...

"Lite Brite"...what a great idea although I didn't know they still made that.