Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!

We spent the day celebrating Jake's birthday at Uncle Joel and Aunty Alison's house. Owen and I had fun splashing around in the wading pool. I made a new friend, Eve. She's Jake's cousin.

My new friend, Eve
Don't we look like twins?

Traffic jam
Owen and I loved playing with Jake's toys. Oops, traffic jam.

Family, Owen, Aki
After nap, we headed on over to Uncle Jeff's new place for more swim time...

Then we had dinner....

Fireworks viewed from Kaka'ako
and fireworks!

Fireworks viewed from Kaka'ako
We had an awesome view of the fireworks off Magic Island.

Fireworks viewed from Kaka'ako
This one is Owen's favorite because it's green.

Here's Owen showing his newly acquired Jedi moves.

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