Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gingerbread 2012

As our annual holiday tradition, we host a Gingerbread party where our friends and family gather to build their gingerbread creations.

Here's what Owen and I did the day before to prepare.

Owen mixing batter
Owen helped to make the batter

Aki rolling out gingerbread
I helped to roll out the gingerbread

Owen's dragon
Owen designed a dragon to cut out

Owen's baked dragon
Owen's dragon after baking

Aki's baked dragon
Here's my dragon after baking

Mama also made 2 sets of gingerbread houses and stars to stack for Christmas trees as well as tons of gingerbread men and women.

We woke up early the next day to help mama make the icing and set up the tables for decorating the gingerbreads.

All ready to decorate!
All ready to decorate!

Aki concentrating
Here I am heavily concentrating on icing my dragon

Aki and her colorful dragon
Half way done!

Owen and green dragon
Here's Owen with his green dragon

It's falling apart!
Mama's worried about the house falling down

Aunty and 2 grandmas joining the fun
Aunty Marlene, Grandma, and Ah Mah decorating gingerbread men and women

Aki and her Christmas tree
I'm making a Christmas tree to leave out for Santa Claus

Ah Mah and Aki with finished Gingerbread house
Ah Mah and me with our finished gingerbread house

What a fun tradition! Thanks to all our friends and family who came to join us. Merry Christmas!

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