Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ah Gu Was Here

This weekend, Ah Gu came back to Boston for a conference on green buildings. I don't know why there's a whole conference on green buildings, but I do like the color...

Rod Dee 3
Ah Gu and his buddy met up with us for dinner on Friday at Rod Dee 3. Mmm Penang...

On Saturday Ronak got us together for a band practice.

Our band. Owen on drums, Aki on shaker, and Ronak on tabla
Ronak on tabla, Aki on shaker and me on drums. Notice my guitar jacket, which mommy was nice enough to show me in the store and then buy it when I would not stop talking about it.

After practice we went to dinner with Ah Gu again. We went to the Dogwood Cafe, and they had a guitar player to entertain us for dinner!

Aki is tired
Aki got tired from all the music.

Is someone touching my head?
The clan at dinner. Aki and I are practicing to be moody rock stars.

Too bad Ah Gu couldn't stay longer. He's always fun!

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