Saturday, April 25, 2009

Patriot's Day

It's vacation week and I haven't been at school all week! On Monday, Patriot's Day, we went to watch the Boston Marathon with my friends Emerson and Ellie. We got there early and went to the park to play. 

Aki as Paul Revere
Aki reenacting the ride of Paul Revere

"The Regulars are coming"
"The regulars are coming!"

Kids watching the marathon
After the park, I went to meet my friends. We sat on the sidewalk and watched the runners come by. They were really fast, and they ran right in front of us!

Lead Women's pack heading through Coolidge Corner
Here's the lead women runners

Lead Women's Pack just before 24 miles
They ran right in front of us!

Deriba Merga
Here's the first guy

Ryan Hall and Tekeste Kebede
And two other guys. The one on the left ran for the US in the Olympics.

Richard Whitehead, above the knee amputee, finished in 3:02:44
This guy didn't have legs and still he runs faster than daddy.

After lunch we had to cross back over the marathon course to get to our car. But by then the runners were coming so fast we gave up. We went back to the park to play for a while.

Aki down the slide
Aki enjoying the sliding

We had an exciting Patriot's Day outside! Yay for vacation week!

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