Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Down in Virginia

Ok, so now on to our DC trip. Here's what we did the first day. We flew on an airplane down to DC in the morning. It was really early.

Mommy and daddy rented a car that looked just like our car, only it was white. This bothered me, but then they let me play with the buttons in front and it was fine.

Aki and I fell asleep on the way to Uncle Dan, Aunty Linda, and Emma's house. It had been while since we saw them.  When we finally got to their house, we woke up and it was time to play!

Aki likes Emma's chair
Aki liked climbing on Emma's chair. She's really light so she can climb up high now.

Aki eating rice krispie treat
Then we went out to have a picnic at the park. This is Aki eating a chocolate covered rice krispie treat.

Mama pig
Emma showed me the piggies

Owen at the garden
I rolled around in the grass

Owen with big deer
And checked out the wildlife

Emma and the geese
Here's Emma going to hug the geese

Owen and Emma looking at turtles
Here we are looking at the little turtles in the pond

When we got back to the house, Emma went to take a nap, so I went out to do some yard work.

Owen watering the plants
Here I am watering the sidewalk. Grow, sidewalk, grow!

We had a fun day with them, and we stayed over the night at their house! It was nice to see them again after so long!

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Emma said...

Our sidewalk is definitely bigger now. Thanks, Owen! We miss you, Aki, and your parents!