Monday, September 07, 2009

My First Day of School

Can you believe it? I'm old enough to go to school now! Last Monday, I started my first day at Owen and Daddy's preschool. They have a special toddler room for kids my age.

Aki playing in the sand table with new friends
I had a hard time carrying my backpack. It looks heavy, but it just has my crib sheet and blanket for nap time.

Mommy stayed with me for two hours the first day. I had snacks, then I got to play outside. There were lots of fun stuff to do!

Aki playing in the sand table with new friends
I made new friends... here's Jake and Gloria playing in the sand table with me.

Aki loved the water table at school
I also loved the water table.

On the second day of school, daddy dropped me off and I stayed through lunch. It was fun! I also did well on the third day, my first full day. Mommy picked me up after nap time, and I didn't even know she came in until she came by to watch me eat my afternoon snack of edamame. On Thursday, my fourth day at school, mommy dropped Owen and me off before she went into work, and that wasn't such a good day for me. When I realized she was gone, I started crying. Mommy said I was still sobbing when she picked me up after nap time. To help with my transition, I got to bring my favorite pink blacket to school on Friday. Aunty Dee told mommy that I did better on Friday. I think school's fun, but I still miss Mommy and Daddy! Why do they have to work when they can take care of me!

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