Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Food Post

While Aunty Kathy was here, we took her to sample some of our local fares. Before we went up the North Shore, we stopped to have breakfast at the Farmer's Market.

North Shore Cattle "Loco Moco"
Daddy's breakfast that morning - North Shore Cattle Company's Loco Moco

A few days later, mommy and Aunty Juanita took Aunty Kathy to the Pineapple Room while Owen and I were at school and daddy at work.

Pineapple Room's Loco Moco
Aunty Kathy liked the Pineapple Room's Loco Moco better

Pineapple Room Burger
Aunty Juanita's Pineapple Room Burger

Crispy Calamari Somen Salad at Pineapple Room
Mommy really liked her Crispy Calamari Somen Salad

Sweet Potato Haupia Pie from Gyotaku
Sweet Potato Haupia Pie from Gyotaku

Chili and chicken combo from Zippy's
Famished from Hanauma Bay means Chili and Chicken Combo from Zippy's!

Cocoa Puffs and Sweet Potato Puff from Liliha
Followed by Cocoa Puff and Sweet Potato Turnover from Liliha Bakery

Aunty Kathy treated the whole family to dinner at the original Roy's that night - another birthday dinner for me!

Soft shell crab with ahi roll
Mommy's appetizer - Soft shell crab with ahi roll

Baby Back Ribs
Daddy's appetizer - Asian style baby back ribs

We don't remember what we had for the main course... but I loved my dessert!

Ice cream cookie at Roy's
Ice cream cookie!

Another birthday dessert
And I got another birthday dessert - flourless chocolate cake

Red velvet bread pudding at Roy's
Mommy's dessert that night - Red velvet bread pudding. It was super yummy!

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