Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Phoebe!
Last weekend, we had a birthday party for me at the Children's Discovery Center.

Peeking into the cake
Mommy ordered the Rainbow Cake for me from Saint Germain's Bakery. Here's me peeking to look at the Dora decorations on the cake.

Little crown
Mommy made me this birthday shirt to wear and Aunty Leng got me this birthday crown hair clip from Thailand!

Bigger crown
When the party started, everyone made party crowns to wear. Mommy helped me with mine.

Aki and pals
After we played in the museum for a while, we took a break for pizza!

Blowing out candles using the from-above technique
Then I got to blow out another set of candles for my birthday. This time, I almost burned my mouth!

Sampling the frosting while the adults aren't looking
Owen and me sampling the frosting while the adults aren't looking.

Aki not waiting for her cake to be cut
Can you tell I really liked the cake.

Owen enjoyed the cake
Owen did too!

After more playing in the museum and naps, we went to Grandma and Kung Kung's house for dinner. I got to open my birthday presents.

Owen as Minnie
Owen thought it would be fun to dress up in the Minnie Mouse costume Cassidy and Shayna got me.

Aki as Minnie Mouse
But I think I look better in it. What do you think?

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