Saturday, May 29, 2010

Congratulations, Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lynne!

I woke up extra early this morning to get ready for the big day. After breakfast, mama helped Owen and me wrap a present for Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lynne. Owen personalized it with his advanced writing skills (note for the adults: some letters are backwards).

Present for Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lynne
Guess what it is.

After getting cleaned up, we piled into the car to Punahou Chapel. Owen and I changed into our party get-up for pictures.

Jeff with kids
How do we look?

After taking some pictures, we took a break to feed the fish and the turtles in the pond. Here's Emma, my friend from Virginia who's also a flower girl.

Here's Owen feeding the turtles.

The married couple
Soon after the ceremony - Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lynne, the happy couple.

The kids taking a snack break
Owen, Emma, and I took another break from our jobs by enjoying yummy snacks. Thanks, Aunty Linda for the yummy bunnies and duckies!

The wedding party
The wedding party

After the pictures, we headed over to the party at 3660 On the Rise where daddy's friend, Uncle Lydell is the Chef de Cuisine and Aunty Cheryl is the banquet coordinator. Lunch was super yummy! Mommy especially liked the edamame salad and the grilled steak.

Uncle Bill with Maia
Here's Uncle Bill, who came all the way from Houston with baby Maia who came with Aunty Thida and Uncle Matt from Seattle. Owen and I are having so much fun with Maia staying at our house.

Daddy making speech
Daddy made a speech - something about P school vs. 'Iolani. Owen and I didn't get the joke, but it sure made everyone laughed.

Jeff and Lynne during toast
Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lynne during daddy's speech

Cutting cake
Cake time!

It was a beautiful wedding. We had lots of fun! Thanks, Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lynne for packing toys for us to play with during the reception too! We love them. See you again soon!


Monica said...

What awesome pictures!! Beautiful couple and looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!

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