Sunday, May 09, 2010

May Day at Kawaiaha'o

On Friday we had our May Day program at Kawaiaha'o.

We started off with activities at school.

Making feather headpiece
Making a feather "Tahitian" headpiece

Aki with her Tahitian headpiece
Aki with her new hat

Owen all dressed up
Then we got dressed up and went to the stage. Aunty Marlene and Grandma helped me get dressed as a boy from Aotearoa.

Papa Lilinoe as Hawai'i
Aki's class went first for the show. They were representing Hawai'i. Some of Aki's classmates on stage

Aki all dressed up
Aki showing off her Hawaiian outfit

Then it was time for my class to come out.

Papa Lehua
We sang lots of songs. This one was about the fish that got away.

Owen and Aki
Me and Aki in the park afterwards

Happy May Day!

Oh, and also, Happy Boy's Day!

Boy's Day Carp 2010
Daddy and Grandma attaching the bamboo flagpole with daddy's old old koi and my new old one

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