Saturday, July 03, 2010

Mama's Biology Class

As you may know, mama's teaching Biology this summer. And she's been taking her students on a field trip once a week. This past week, they went to the Living Art Marine Center. I heard it was quite an adventure since the school did not have any more busses, so the students had to catch a city bus. And it was all the way across town!

In any case, the field trip was hugely successful. Here are some fun pictures from her trip.

Our favorite fish friend, Nemo!

Sea stars
Sea stars

Hermit crab
Hermit crabs

Cowry shells for Aki and Owen
Mama decorate a cowry shell for us. Here's the before picture.

Finished cowry shell
And the finished shells. Owen and I love them!

Maybe mama should take us on the next field trip too!

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