Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing catch-up, Part 1 - Thanksgiving 2011

Now that mama has a little time off work, it's time to back log our activities from the end of 2011. You may have also noticed the new layout. Mama thought our blog needed a new look for the new year. You can choose the "view" you like best... ranging from classic to snapshot to sidebar. Hope you like it!

Thanksgiving means Daddy's Good Eats Turkey. This year, he made some minor changes to the recipe but it was still tasty! We forgot to take a picture of the turkey before it was carved. Too hungry, I think.

Thanksgiving table
Our Thanksgiving table... lots of onolicious food.

The front
Owen showed off his Wampanoag costume for his "Pilgrims and Indians" banquet at school.

Owen's Wampanoag costume
Here's the back.

Thanksgiving 2011
Thanksgiving means family and filled-bellies.

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