Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing catch-up, Part 2 - December 2011

Although lots happened in December and over our winter break, the highlight was having 2 sets of visitors at our house.

First, Uncle Matt, Aunty Thida, Maia, and Lily came to stay with us. Aunty Thida brought us lots of goodies from Trader Joe's - a place that mama desperately misses from the mainland. 

Aunty Thida helping Maia with Gingerbread man
One of the things she brought was a Gingerbread Man kit for each of us. 

Fun with Gingerbread men
We had so much fun decorating them.

Aunty Thida also got us "super" outfits.

Super kids
We look so cool in our matching green cape and masks.

Maia enjoying her pineapple slush from Hank's Haute Dogs.

UCLA Peds Mini-Reunion
Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lynne couldn't stay away from the fun...

Yay for Hawaii!
We miss you already. See you this summer!

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