Monday, October 16, 2006

My mommy's lap

Today at our baby class everyone was playing with toys on the floor, and mommy was sitting right next to another mommy. I crawled over to her and tried to pull myself up onto her lap. Before I could get all the way up, the mommy's son, crawled up and pushed me out of the way! I was miffed because, you know, he wasn't using the lap or anything, but I went back to playing with the toys. No sooner than I got back to the toys, I saw him trying to crawl into my mommy's lap! So of course I crawled right over and edged him out of my rightful place. So brazen! Weh!

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OakMonster said...

So, other than the fact that Owen will grow up to cure cancer, he could be a UFC fighter on the side? Wow...