Monday, October 30, 2006

More Pre-Halloween celebrations

This weekend we went to a couple of pre-Halloween parties. The first was at the store where mommy and I take our classes. There were tons of people and lots of babies in funny costumes. Daddy got excited because there was a baby dressed up like some guy named Yoda. He said he wished I could have been Yoda this year so he could carry me on his back. This guy must be really cool if daddy wanted me to be him.

Baby Ronak was there too. He was dressed up like a Hershey's Kiss.

Me and Ronak in our costumes
Me and Ronak in our costumes. I am trying to eat the leaves.

Later we went to a MOMS club party at the Brookline Senior Center. Vanessa Trien sang for us. Mommy and I saw her sing at another party and we liked her music so much we bought her CD. Baby Grant from last week's birthday party was there too. He was a monkey, but it was too hot so he had to take off his costume.

Grant and I got medals
We both got Halloween medals

Today we went to two more Halloween celebrations. I dressed up again and went to our stroller class. That's Baby Grant in his monkey suit next to me.

Stroller class Halloween
Halloween, StrollerFit style

After lunch and a short nap, we went to our mommy and me class. Here are my friends in their funny costumes. Baby Jackson's grandma made his elephant costume (3rd from the left). Pretty amazing huh?

Babies at our Mommy and Me class
I wasn't paying attention because I'm surrounded by the ladies.

Tomorrow daddy promised to take me "trick" or "treating." I wonder which one we're going to do?

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OakMonster said...

I wanted to see the Yoda baby! Although that would've been CUTE! Dad = Luke with Yoda in the back! But that means mom has to be Princess Leia... ;-D