Monday, November 20, 2006

Lexington and Plymouth Redux

Last week, our friends Uncle Greg, Aunty Susan and Alana came to visit from LA. We went to visit them in Lexington on Thursday.

It was raining, so we hung out in their uncle's house. He has lots of cool things to look at. This big ball for example. Aunty Susan rolled me up and down on it. I liked that a lot. I also liked playing with his humidifier, but mommy and daddy wouldn't let me do that much.

Rolling Around

On Saturday we went out to Plymouth to see the Thanksgiving parade. Here we are with Uncle Sameer and Ronak.

Plymouth Parade
I am applying some "product" to daddy's hair

Uncle Greg, Aunty Susan, and Alana came down after the parade. Here's Alana dressed up as a cheerleader. Too bad her cheering didn't push Michigan to a win on Saturday.

Uncle Greg and Alana striking a pose

Uncle Greg, Uncle Sameer and daddy all went to med school together, and they were all in Boston for undergrad too. None of them knew each other before then but they're all still following the same path today...

More first borns of first borns
Baby parade: Ronak, me, and Alana

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