Thursday, November 16, 2006

Picture time

Mommy and Daddy got me all dressed up over the weekend to go to the park. Aunty Karna also came with us. I thought we were going to the playground so I can play in the swing. It turns out that we were there to take pictures with Aunty Karna acting as the photographer. The adults kept telling me to look at the camera, but there was a family flying a kite there that captivated my attention. I had fun anyway since Daddy and Aunty Karna kept me entertained. After over 100 pictures, here are a few good ones.

Higher, Daddy, higher
Higher, Daddy, higher!

My hair is standing up!
My hair is standing up!

The whole family
Picture perfect

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OakMonster said...


And wow. The punk rocker hair to go with the punk rocker moves the other day!! :)

And...what randomness is this that the Word Verification code I have to type in to post this comment says, "DORKvuf"