Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sitting in boxes

One thing I like to do is sit in things. I sit in the clothes hamper when mommy brings it into my room to fold the laundry. I sit in the little cubbyhole when my toy bins are out and about. And I also sit in my toy bins too.

Sitting in my tub of Mega Blox
Sitting in my tub of Mega Blox

Playing with mommy and daddy's old camera
I can do two things at once too: sit in a box and play with mommy and daddy's old camera.

I'm not the only one who likes sitting in boxes. Aunty Oakley's got a whole box collection!

Her most impressive box

Also, this guy and this girl like sitting in boxes too.


Jennifer said...

woohoo, our little sammy got a reference in your blog! thanks owen! he has been practicing that jump and can clear it quite easily now :P

oakmonster said...

Hahah! Yes, boxes make THE best toy! :) I think I may have to start a Flickr group...