Friday, May 23, 2008

Boston Harbor Islands

This week, Aunty Michelle and Aunty Melissa came out from SoCal and the Bay Area to visit me!

Happy Birthday, Auntie Michelle
We celebrated Aunty Michelle's birthday with yummy cake. You can also see our broken clock in this picture.

On Friday we went to the Boston Harbor Islands.

We had to take a boat!

First we went to Spectacle Island. This island used to be a trash dump, like in my movie Trashy Town. Then they dumped lots of dirt on it that they dug out in the "Big Dig." Now it's a big island! And it's beautiful!

The visitor center was built on top of a dump
This is what the island is made of

On top of Spectacle Island's north drumlin
On top of the north drumlin. I'm running on the highest point in the Boston Harbor.

Hiking on Spectacle Island
Hiking on Spectacle Island

Then the boat came back and took us to George's Island. No, not Curious George's Island. This one had a big castle on it called Fort Warren.

Fort Warren 1850
Fort Warren

Chasing Aunty Michelle on the parade grounds
Inside the fort was a big parade grounds for chasing Aunty Michelle

Running around in the moat
Here I am walking around inside the moat. There's nowhere to hide from the windows in the wall.

Climbing up the fort
Storming the walls of the fort

The Harbor Islands were fun. I can't believe we've never been there before!

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