Monday, May 19, 2008

Discovery Museums in Acton

Hi, again, sorry about the long delay between posts, but we've been really busy. Busy having fun!

Here's a post from a couple weekends back when we went to visit the Discovery Museums in Acton. Super fun! One building was a Victorian style house where they took out all the furniture and replaced everything with kids stuff!

Choo choo I can walk inside
Choo choo I can walk inside and ring the bell!

Shall I pour you some water?
Shall I pour you some water?

This is Real
Lots of the switches were just for play. I think someone was trying to tell us that this switch works.

There you are, koala!
Safari room... There you are, koala!

These steps are different!
These steps light up when you walk upstairs

Eating watermelon
Then we went to the diner for some watermelon

Right next to the roof, where the attic would be, was a sea themed room...

You're my favorite
Lobster, you're my favorite!

In the submarine tunnel
In the submarine tunnel

Sand and light
Sand and light box

We went to visit the other museum too, and that one was so fun that we didn't even take pictures. Mommy said we'll come back again soon!

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