Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aunties Catchup

So right after the aunties left for their California homes, we went to California too. We didn't get to finish posting all of our shenanigans from when they were here before we left. So get ready for some mega posting as we try to catch up with this and our own trip.

Ok, so where were we? The day after the boat ride, we went with mommy and the aunties to Harvard Square. I know some of my shapes now, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't anything square about it.

The aunties and babies at Harvard Square
Aunties and babies

Then the next day we drove up the coast to Maine so that daddy could run another race.

Daddy finishing the race
Daddy finishing the race. I think he's not trying hard enough if he has enough energy to smile.

Aki asleep
Aki slept through as usual

The best part about the race? It was to benefit the Kittery firefighters association! So it was at the fire station and I got to see the trucks like in my book.

Owen with Daddy in front of Kittery Fire Truck
Kittery Engine 1

Aunties having lobster
Of course then we had to go have lobstah

Eating lobstah claw
I enjoyed it too

Later I was still not tired so we went to the beach to fly a kite. We were better than last time, probably because Aunty Melissa knew what she was doing.

Kite flying in Wells, Maine
This is not so hard

Go, Daddy, go
Daddy flying the kite very low

Maine was super fun as always. I don't have too much on the rest of their visit. We went to the aquarium the next day. More fun with divers and Myrtle the Turtle as usual. That night Aunty Michelle and Aunty Melissa went to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. It was Aunty Melissa's first baseball game ever. Maybe you heard what happened at the game that night. She picked a good time to go.

The next day I went to "school" while Aunty Melissa explored the city and Aunty Michelle slept in. Then she and Aunty Michelle went back to the "Bay" and SoCal. We had a lot of fun while they were here. Hopefully we can all get together again soon!

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