Friday, July 18, 2008

This Week on O`ahu

Hi everybody! We've had a great week in Hawaii. Daddy went to work every day this week, but mommy, me and Aki (and Kung Kung and Grandma) have been keeping very busy.

Monday we went to the Bishop Museum. They had whales, but not just any whales... scary robot whales!

Tuesday we tried to go to a stroller exercise class like back in MA, but the Tuesday class got canceled. Too bad. I got to play at the park and then we went to art class. I came out all covered in shiny glitter!

Because we couldn't go to the stroller class on Tuesday, we went Wednesday. It was at the beach! Good thing mommy didn't have to push the stroller on the beach. After the beach we met Kung Kung, Grandma, and Uncle JT for lunch at Uncle Dan's favorite food court in the whole world, Makai Marketplace.

Yesterday we went to the park with a new friend, Dayton, and his little sister Saige. Mommy met their mommy "on line". We went back to the beach again today with them. I had a lot of fun swimming in the ocean.

Wow, this week went by fast! I'm having fun hanging out with my grandparents, chasing the cats, and running around the house. I'm so glad we're here in Hawaii for a few more weeks...

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Alana Kim Dunn said...

How exciting for you guys! You have to post pictures so we can see your new place. It's been so long for us, we long to go back. Have you gone to the zoo yet? We love it there! Did you get in touch with PUnn? Good luck with the thai shopping!