Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mommy's Parents in Honolulu

So Mommy's parents came in last weekend and we've been keeping busy showing them the sights.

Ah Mah and Ah Gu got leis
First we picked them up at the airport. They got these flower necklaces.

The next day we went to do a fun run at the beach.

Ah Mah and the bagpiper
Ah Mah enjoying the music

Mommy and Ah Gu
After he finished, Ah Gu came back to walk with me and mommy and Aki

Finishing the toddler run
Here's me doing the toddler run

Picking out a prize
Getting my prize--a Marathon Jon bear. Now where is that guy?

Ala Moana morning
The beach was empty early in the morning at Ala Moana

Swimming on mama
We helped to fill it up

Ah Mah and Aki at Ala Moana
Ah Mah and Ah Gong stayed on the sand with Aki

That night we had a little party at our house.

Thai food in our house
Ah Mah was busy

Uncle Jeff started it
Uncle Jeff made me some arm pads

Why don't you have armor, Uncle Dwayne?
Uncle Dwayne, you need some of this!

Grandma's side some more
Lots of relatives came over

This week we went to the Pali.

At the Pali
This pose lets me show you my biceps and clean my nose at the same time

Ok, now it's windy!
The Pali is windy sometimes

I've been having lots of fun with more people around.
I've been keeping up with my music.

Early morning concert for Aki
Here's an early morning concert for Daddy and Aki.

"Eating" dinner at Tsukiji
And of course we eat a lot. Mommy had crab at Tsukiji. I had shave ice. Daddy ate everything else.

Ok, we're caught up to Tuesday! Next time, daddy disappears, and we go on a train ride! Good night!


JT said...

Umm, that is not shave ice...tell you parents to get you some REAL shave ice at Waiolas or Aunty Lynne's favorite, Aoki on the North Shore.

Alana Kim Dunn said...

did you find a thai grocer? the food looked good! I must agree, Waiolas is the best!